Road Trip Ideas for Touring Australia

Friday, 17 July 2020
When most people think of a road trip, they tend to think of a staycation of some kind, but a road trip can be a brilliant way to explore a country you are less familiar with or a chance to spend a weekend away on a vacation adventure. Australia is an excellent choice for a road trip. The highways are long and straight and in good condition. Not only that there are so many places to visit, but you will also likely need to return in the future. 

The Great Ocean Road 

The Great Ocean Road runs along Australia's southern coast and takes in spectacular ocean views, cliff faces, shipwrecks wrecks, and the famous Twelve Apostles. The gorgeous limestones stacks are a triumphant sight that cannot be missed. Make sure that you also stop by the Gibson Steps to truly take in the marvel and gain a unique appreciation for just how massive these limestone stacks are. There are also many rivers, rainforests, and extinct volcanoes along the way to stop off at and explore. The drive spans about 400 kilometres and takes about ninety minutes to complete. 

Perth To Ningaloo 

This west coast drive begins in Perth where you can rent a car from Ace Rent A Car and hit the road. The trip is around 1200 kilometres in length and takes in some incredible natural beauty. This coastal drive runs along the line where the azure Indian ocean meets the orange arid land of the Australian subcontinent. Along the way, there are shark and dolphin bays to visit and stunning vistas. When you arrive in the city of Ningaloo there are plenty of shops and restaurants to enjoy, and to stock up on for your return. This is an unforgettable day out on the Australian highway. 

Gibb River Road 

The Gibb River Road was constructed in the 1960s to transport cattle. It is a 660-kilometre road that runs through the heart of WA's Kimberley from Derby to Wyndham. It is not a coastal road, but if you appreciate ancient aboriginal rock art, thundering waterfalls, and fascinating gorges, then this road trip is right for you. If you travel this road don't miss out on the Bell Gorge. It can be a mission to find, but it's well worth the effort - a multi-tiered waterfall crashes down the red sandstone cliff face into several refreshing pools that are excellent for swimming in. 

Tasmania's East Coast 

If you're feeling more adventurous, take a trip to the island of Tasmania and explore its east coast by car. This road trip has everything, including spectacular countryside, ocean views, and wildlife. But if you're a foodie, or interested in Australia's history this one should catch your fancy. Tasmania's east coast is not only spectacular; it is also hushed. It produces some of the most beautiful wine and cheese, and seafood in the world, and offers many spots for wildlife watching or strolling on empty beaches. 

The Savannah Way 

More adventurous types might prefer road trips that are a bit more challenging. The Savannah Way could be the one to meet your expectations. It is a 3700-kilometre drive that links The Cairns in North Queensland with Broome in the stunning Kimberley region. The trip encompasses 15 national parks with all kinds of wildlife, waterfalls, and gorges to experience. You will be impressed by its ancient and formidable landscapes. 

Which of these road trips would you like to go on the most? Have you done any of these road trips in the past? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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