A Fun Time In Fraser: Finding Things to Do on Fraser Island

Thursday, 13 December 2018
Whether you’re in the heart of the outback or enjoying the coast, you can always find something new and exciting to do when you’re in Australia. Thanks to the size of this magnificent country, there will never be a shortage of things on your list, and this makes it a pleasure to explore. Of course, though, a single post can’t cover all of this. Instead, to give you the chance to make the most of your stay on Fraser Island, this post will be exploring this slip of land, giving you an idea of what to expect when you arrive.

The Beaches: If you’ve been in Australia for some time, you’ve probably come to know what to expect when you’re presented with a beach. Of course, though, nothing is quite what you imagine, with Fraser Island being practically made up of one massive beach. Being the largest sand island Australia has to offer, the entire surface of this area is covered with the stuff. While the beaches are still separated by name, most of them are connected as if they are exactly the same body.

The Lakes: Along with having plenty of great beaches on offer, Fraser Island also has plenty of lakes for you to get stuck into. For those who enjoy a spot of fishing, Lake McKenzie can be a great place to start, offering clear waters and beautiful beaches for the family to enjoy. If you prefer to have a swim, though, Fraser’s deepest lake, Lake Wabby, could be a much better option for you. Of course, it’s always worth making sure that you’re choosing somewhere safe to swim when you’re doing this.

brown shipwreck on coast during daytime
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The History: While it is quite a small place, Fraser Island is home to a lot of history. It is thought that the place has been occupied by humans for over 5000 years, with tribes of aboriginal people still calling home today. It doesn’t stop with the old, though, as there are also traces of more modern events on the island, like the rusting wreck of the SS Maheno, a ship which has seen a lot of different uses in its life.

The Wildlife: Like any area in Australia, one of the key reasons to make a trip to Fraser Island is the wildlife calling it home. Most notably is the large Dingo population on the Island. While some reports suggest otherwise, these could be some of the last pure dingoes in the entire world, and this is a great reason to come and see them for yourself. Along with this, you’ll also find plenty of snakes and other reptiles, along with over 350 species of bird. This provides a true medley for anyone in love with nature.

With all of this in mind, you should be excited to start making your bookings. If this isn’t enough for you, though, you could take a look at some other posts about Fraser Island to give you even more inspiration. There are few places in the world which offer such a rich mix of different activities.

Have you ever visited Fraser Island? Tell us all about your trip in the comments below!

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Adventures in Aussieland's Most Memorable Christmas

Wednesday, 12 December 2018
We've made it to the final day of the 12 Days of Blogmas. First, Merry Christmas to all of my lovely reader! I wish you a magical day, and I hope all your Christmas wishes come true!

Throughout the last 12 days, I've been reflecting on Christmas past. I've analysed the challenging aspects of the holidays and tried to created fun solutions to make them more memorable, but I haven't really shared any past Christmas memories. 

Today, I'd like to take you on a little trip down memory lane to my most memorable Christmas. In a family as large as mine, it actually was quite difficult narrowing down just one unforgettable Christmas. 

Would I choose a funny memory like when my best friend and I lit the wall at my dad's house on fire trying to curl our hair before my dad took us to a play? Or the time my granny started dancing on top of the bar? While they were pleasant memories, I've chosen a simpler one...

To grandmother's house we go...

My family is originally from Michigan, so I was lucky enough to pretty much always have a white Christmas. While back in the Mitten, we would split our time between my dad's family and my mum's family. 

On this year, we had spent Christmas Eve with my dad's side of the family and would be spending Christmas Day with my mum's side. The drive to my Granny's house is literally something out of a Christmas movie or postcard. You drive through a tiny, snow-covered town before turning down an unpaved back country road. After driving for about 20 minutes, fearing you're completely lost and will never see civilisation again, you round a corner, and a long driveway appears. 

As you ascend the driveway, there stands a picturesque snow-covered house surrounded by forest. I never truly appreciated it at the time, but my Granny's house was incredible. This year, the entire family was going to be staying in the house at the same time. To put this in perspective, my mum is one of six. So there were a lot of people staying in this house. 

My family, God bless them, are all incredibly strong-willed and opinionated. We're all loud, a wee bit hyperactive, loving, and love trying to embarrass each other. You could see how this quickly would turn into arguments and frustration. 

While I do remember a few debates taking place during this Christmas, we quickly moved passed them. The weatherman stated that a big snow storm was due to hit soon. We didn't care. We were all sitting around a big table playing CLR, laughing, and enjoying each others company. 

Snowball fight anyone?

Well, we managed to get snowed in. With Granny living so far off the beaten path, her street would be last on the list to be plowed. We lost power for a while, and it was cold as outside. You would think this would be enough for the first annual hunger games to break out inside the house. While I'm sure it crossed a few peoples minds, we somehow managed to escape the 38ish hour snowed in entirely in one piece. A few people did end up sleeping on the stairs, but we made out alive. 

The family spent time shoving the long driveway (who's brilliant idea was that?), having snowball fights, dancing like nerds, and just enjoying each others company. And while we were all longing for some solitude, by the end of the stay, we were sad to see each other go. We knew it would be a long time before we would see each other again. 

I may be slightly romanticising this Christmas in my head. I'm sure there were many more arguments, tears, and anger throughout those few days. But amazingly, that's not what I remember. I remember all the fun we had. But I guess that's what makes Christmas so amazing, we choose to remember all the good times and the fun we have with our family and friends. 

Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone! Wishing you a memorable holiday season! 

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Why Australia is the Best Place for Nature Lovers

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Every country has its own natural wonders, but some of the ones in Australia cannot be matched by anywhere else in the world. Anyone that loves nature will be enthralled by some of them, and who people who are not nature lovers could not fail to be amazed by some of the sights.

The Great Barrier Reef

Officially one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the reef has more than 400 different types of coral and over 1,500 species of fish. It is made up of about 2,900 individual reefs and is 2,300 km long. It is the largest living structure on earth and is the only living thing on the planet that is visible from space. There are Reef tours in glass bottom boats, you can snorkel, dive, sail or admire it from the air. There is nothing else like it, and visiting the Great Barrier Reef is an experience that is never forgotten.


Formerly known as Ayers Rock, Uluru is located in the heart of the outback.  Uluru is its Aboriginal name and is also now what it is officially called. This huge piece of sandstone stands higher than the Eiffel Tower at 348meters, is 3.65 km long and 1.9 km wide. It is sacred to the indigenous Australians and believed to be around 700 million years old.

Climbing the rock is not illegal, but the aborigines see it as an insult to their culture and the practice is frowned upon. Most visitors respect this, and very few attempt to make the climb.

Fraser Island

Fraser Island was formed over 800,000 years ago when Australia was still joined to Antarctica. It is the world’s largest island made of sand and stretch for 123 km long and 23 km wide. It has been listed as a World Heritage Site because it is constantly moving and evolving. For anyone that loves camping, beach fishing, inland lakes, the rainforest or 4-wheel drive treks, it is an ideal location. You might also be lucky enough to spot migrating humpback whales off the coast.

Kata Tjuta

This natural wonder is just about 50 km down the road from Uluru.  It is said that it originates from a similar time. However, it is much larger than Uluru and has 36 domes that are spread over a 20km area. The largest of the domes stand 546 meters high. Its name is an Aboriginal word meaning ‘many heads’. The best time to see it is at sunrise or sunset, and there are organized walks through parts of it.

The Gordon River

Until the river reaches the Macquarie Harbour, it is uninhabited all the way along its 200 km course. You can take a boat down the calm waters, which has ancient and lush rainforest on either side. It is listed as a World Heritage site, the land around it being called the Gordon-Franklin Wild Rivers National Park.

There is an enormous amount of things that nature lovers would admire in Australia, including so many more than we have mentioned here. It is without a doubt a paradise for anyone that loves natural things, and there are probably too many of them to see in a lifetime.

If you love nature, then you’ll certainly love Australia.

Have you ever visited any other places above? Which place would you most like to visit? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Healthy Holidays: Stay Fit & Healthy

The holiday season can be a difficult time to remain in peak physical fitness. It's easy to overeat, binge on unhealthy snacks, and completely neglect your workouts. If you're looking for some fun Christmas workouts, click here before finishing this post. But if you do not want to bust out a holiday workout, here are some playful tips on how to stay fit and healthy this holiday season:

Engage with Your Younger Family Members
Nothing helps burn the calories faster than trying to keep up with a rambunctious toddler. I swear, the younger the child, the better they embody the Energizer Bunny. They keep on going, and going, and going, and going. Playing an exciting game of Tiggy or What's the Time Mr Wolf will get the heart pumping. 

Don't have younger kiddos in the family? Convince the family to join in a game of touch football or any other sport. No matter the weather (unless it's raining fire), it's always fun playing some kind of sport with your family. At the very least, you'll be able to tackle out any built up anger you have towards your family members. 

Spontaneous Dance Parties
These are always a winner any time of year, but Christmas makes them slightly more socially acceptable. Turn up the Christmas music extra loud and dance till you're little heart is content! 

Feeling extra inspired? Gather a group of friends or family members and choreograph your very own Christmas dance. Perform it for the family or record it and shamelessly share it on the internet. You'll eventually look back, laugh, and cherish these Christmas moments. 

Christmas Workouts
I know I already made an entire post about holiday workouts, but they're a fantastic, quick way to burn a few extra calories. Do you have a competitive family? Turn the workouts into a competition. During the HIIT workouts, see who can do the most reps in the allotted time. On the 12 Days of Christmas Workout, see who can get through the ladder the fastest, with the best form. Your body will thank you later!

Be Mindful of What You're Eating
It is so easy to overeat during the holidays. If you've ever looked at most US families Christmas dinner, you're looking at a table of butter. The amount of butter that ends up in all the dishes is mind-boggling. It is very easy to quickly consume a high amount of calories. So how do you enjoy your favourite holiday foods without eating a year's worth of calories?

First, portion control. Unlike the workout and sports suggestion, who can eat the most is NOT a competition you should partake in. You are more than welcome to eat whatever you would like just be mindful of the portion size. 

Second, you can always opt for healthier options. Instead of loading up on high carb, high starch foods, make a majority of your plate roast veggies. Still eat the more savoury dishes, just limit the amount you do. Gravy has an insane amount of calories. Instead of slathering your entire meal in it, place a small amount in a small bowl and use sparingly (or not at all). You'll be less likely to end up in a food coma and won't have a massive sugar crash the next day!

Stay Happy and Positive
During the holidays, it is inevitable that there will be some mishaps. People are bound to disagree, the turkey may catch on fire, and you may end up spending the holidays alone. That's ok. Don't focus on the negative. Keep yourself in a happy, healthy mindset. 

If a problem does occur, think about the things you can do to fix the situation. If there are no options, let it go and move on! Is the problem a little more complicated? Use some of the strategies mentioned in How to Cope with Holiday Stress to help you get back in the holiday spirit! 

Most importantly, enjoy this time. It may be the only time of year all your friends and family get together. Treasure this. Be silly. Laugh. Make some precious memories. 

And until next time...
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