5 Things You Must Do If You Visit Northern Australia

Thursday, 14 February 2019
Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure solo or with your loved ones? If you are, Northern Australia is the place to visit. Spend your much-awaited holiday here and experience plenty of fun activities.

The Northern Territory is home to the great outdoors. Whether you are looking for watersports, wildlife adventure, or any exciting activities, there is always something for you. In this post, we look at some of the most exhilarating things you should try when in Northern Australia.

Go Skydiving Over Uluru
Prepare yourself for a spine-tingling activity at the Red Centre. If you are ready to jump out of a plane, then go skydiving over Uluru. You will witness the bird’s eye view of the Rock as you free fall as well as see the breathtaking views of Lake Amadeus, Kata Tjuta, and Mount Connor from 12,000 feet. This is one experience we guarantee that you will never forget.

Explore the Waterfalls of Top End
Nothing beats cooling off under a lovely waterfall on a steaming hot day. Chase the waterfalls of Top End and have a memorable day with your family or friends. You can book a one-day trip from Darwin going to Litchfield National Parks Tolmer Falls, Florence Falls, and Buley Rock Hole. This is going to be a great experience as you get to relax, even for a short while, and at the same time appreciate the beauty of nature.

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Try the Helicopter Flight at Kings Canyon
Never miss the chance to experience Kings Canyon by air! Take a helicopter flight and have an aerial tour of the Garden of Eden, Carmichaels Crag, and domes of the Lost City. This adventure will surely take your breath away and give you a one-of-a-kind experience you will treasure all your life. So, don’t forget to include this in your itinerary when in Northern Australia.

Experience Croc-spotting in Katherine Gorge
If you want a unique activity to try, then go croc-spotting in Katherine Gorge. There are plenty of crocodiles here, which are known to be an icon of Northern Australia. To see these creatures up close, you can join an evening boat tour along the lower Katherine River. The guide will light a fire on the riverbank to lure the crocodiles for some incredible photographs.

Have Fun Fishing in Darwin
Of course, fishing couldn’t be left off this list when in Northern Australia. The Land Down Under is an angler’s paradise. If you are into fishing, then this is the ideal place for you. There are approximately 40,000 marine species available, and some are only found here. It is never a waste of time to go fishing in Australia, so definitely add it to your bucket list!

Northern Australia is a fantastic destination for all thrillseekers out there. Try these activities we have above, and we guarantee that you will have the best time of your life. This place never disappoints so plan your trip ahead of time, research some tours and make the most out of every moment.

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Rest Day Activities to Keep You Moving

Wednesday, 6 February 2019
If you exercise frequently, you’ll know the importance of ‘rest days.’ Rest days are a chance for your body to recover and heal, as well as giving yourself a break from the grind preventing exercise burnout. However, rest days shouldn’t be all about lounging around on the sofa, not moving, and throwing your meal plan out the window. Instead, you should find enjoyable yet low impact exercises to keep you active without putting too much strain on your body. Here are a few of my favourite low impact exercises for my rest days.

Walking is an incredibly underrated form of exercise. It’s a great cardiovascular workout which can be light or made more difficult if you increase incline or pace. On rest days, take it steady. You don’t need to set out of the house with the intention of doing a walking workout, just go somewhere fun!

You could go into your local town or city and do some window shopping. You could take in some scenery in the woods or at the beach, or you could take a stroll to meet a friend that lives within walking distance. You’ll rack up steps without thinking about it while giving your body the rest it needs. Just make sure you have supportive, comfortable shoes on and get yourself out and about!

Not only is swimming a lot of fun, but it’s incredibly low impact. As the water supports your body, there’s no strain at all on your joints making it the perfect rest day or recovery exercise! Swimming uses every muscle in your body, is a great cardiovascular workout without being too intense (if you take it easy), and shapes and sculpts the body.

If you’re used to sweating it out in the gym, it’s a little different and genuinely enjoyable. You could do some laps, look for an aqua aerobics group or even just search  ‘swimming classes near me’ if you’re a total beginner. If you live near a beach or a body of water that’s safe to swim in, you could save cash and go and have a swim there instead!

Cycling is a great way to get active. With the ability to tailor the ride for the super fit to beginners, cycling is for anyone...who can ride a bike. On your rest day, go with a nice, flat, and even route. Even if you're usually happy to tackle big hills and crank up the gears, keep it easy on your rest days. It will still work your heart and lungs, not to mention your legs, arms, back and core. There’s lots of information on cycle routes online, and if you use an app like Komoot you can program in a route, and it will tell you how easy or challenging it will be.

The most underrated of all exercises, stretching helps release muscle tension. On your rest days, shoot for static stretches or yoga poses. You should feel a slight pull while in the stretch, holding the position for 20-90 seconds. Repeat the stretch as needed until the tension in your muscles is minimised.

I also like to do a few, simple yoga stretches. This allows me the option to scan my body and see what it needs. From there, I can address any tension or soreness, giving my body the attention it needs.

What is your favourite rest day activity? Be sure to join the discussion down below.

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5 Must Visit Australian Events This Year

Sunday, 3 February 2019
There’s oh so much stuff to do in Australia. There’s all those beautiful outdoor areas, the cosmopolitan cities, and, of course, the events. Australia is home to some of the world’s most prestigious, interesting, and outright fun annual events.

If you haven’t yet experienced them in all their glory, then perhaps this is the year to give them a go! Below, we take a look at five must-visit Australia events, all of which are unique. Pick one, two, or all five - you’re sure to have a great time!

Is Your Environment Affecting Your Mental Health?

Wednesday, 30 January 2019
There are a lot of things in the modern world that can cause issues for those who are struggling with their mental health. Living in a societal system that prioritizes productivity and profit, the sheer stigma that comes with talking about mental health, and being around those who might be a toxic influence on your life can all be major factors. But one thing that a lot of people forget is just how much of an impact their environment can have on their mental wellbeing. However, more and more people are talking about this kind of thing and it's certainly a conversation worth having. With that in mind, here are some ways that your environment might be harming your mental health.