Quokka Quokka

Back in January, I took a trip outside of Victoria to Western Australia. The extended weekend getaway was spent in Perth, Margaret River, and Rottnest Island. The trip was filled with beaches, wine tasting, and adventure. I basically hijacked Ben's birthday trip on accident. Our flight got in late, so we stayed at a place close to the beach. Morning walks on the beach before a few days of wine tasting was just was the doctor ordered. 

Starting the day off right!

If you're ever in Perth, I highly suggest taking the drive down to Margaret River. Whether you're into great surf beaches, wine tasting, or a quieter atmosphere, Margaret River is stunning and a MUST SEE!

Surf's Point, Margaret River, Perth

Our getaway villa was A-MAZ-ING!!! Words can not describe how relaxing and amazing this place was. Getting to any form of civilization (other than wineries) takes about 20 minutes. My advice, stop at the market beforehand if you want a late night snack. Most areas closed before 6 pm as Margaret River is still not a massive tourist area. 

The Villa
The room
I was just a little excited.
The wineries were just as stunning as the villa. I'd been searching for a Cabernet Sauvignon that tastes similar to a Napa Cab. I've had to settle with Cab/Merlot blends from South Australia and Victoria. Margaret River is where I found such a Cab. And....(drum roll please)... I found a couple of white wines I thoroughly enjoyed!

Some Aussie pride
One of the fantastic vineyards
Such a good looking pair
Our last day was spent at Rottnest Island. The island did not disappoint. There's heaps of snorkeling, surfing, and cycling. There's also the cutest little rodent things I've ever seen in my life, Quokkas. They're basically a rat/wallaby hybrid. As they have the appearance of a New York Subway rat, I was quite surprised to see the little guys hop like wallabies! I wanted to take one home.

Snorkeling around Rottnest Island
Snorkeling selfie
Couldn't pass up on this photo op. 
Things to do when I eventually make it back to Perth: explore the CBD, surf at Surf's Point, swim with the Whale Sharks and explore Fremantle. Until next time...

Stay Curious!

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