Adopting a Puppy: The Good, the bad, the Adorable!

Sunday, 5 July 2015
Recently my time has been entirely consumed by the newest member of the family: Archer. Archer is the cutest 5-month-old Border Collie cross you could ever meet. I haven't had a pet in quite a while and definitely missed it. 

The past week has been spent giving the little guy heaps of attention and training him. I must say, it's been a while since I've trained an animal, but Archer is one smart cookie (Can anyone tell I'm a wee bit proud of my puppy?)

Hello World! I'm Archer!
Needless to say, this little man has been consuming my time. He's been going on heaps of walks and learning to walk on a lead. Still working on little Archer's attention when he interacts with other dogs but luckily, he's super friendly! Unfortunately, he hasn't quite figured out his name, so his recall doesn't exist. It's a little scary, so he hasn't been off-lead unless he's at the dog park. 

I like to bark and attack the ocean.
The only problem with the new pup, he likes to chase cars... Still working on that one... If you have any advice or tips on how to break this behaviour, please leave them in the comments below!

With most of his training, he's caught on super quick! He's only had a few accidents in the house, but we're going to blame those on mum and her not sticking to the schedule. Like most Border Collies, Archer struggles with anxiety. Finding ways to keep him active and engaged when no one is home has been interesting. 

One of the most helpful ways to keep this little one distract is feeding him out of puzzle toys. What used to be a few minute feed has now lengthened to a few hours. Longer time focused on getting to his food means less time for the possible destruction of the back yard. 

Don't worry mum, I'll protect you!
I promise I will get back to writing soon! I'm sure this little guy will make an appearance in the future as well. Heck, he can go on heaps of adventures with me! Do you have a pet? Write about them below to share stories about your furbaby! 

And until next time...
Sleepy puppy
Stay curious!

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