Trentham Falls

Saturday, 6 February 2016
With Archer!
I'm on a mission to see all the waterfalls in Victoria. I know this isn't a task I will accomplish quickly but so far I've done a fairly good job of seeing the waterfalls close to where I live. One of the bigger falls relatively close to mine is Trentham Falls. This falls frequently pops up on lists of places to see in Victoria but for some reason, I always tend to forget about it. I was looking for some pup friendly hikes, and remembered that Trentham Falls was one.

Adventure time!
I did make a few mistakes on my trip. My first error was traveling to the falls on a weekend. I went later in the day to avoid the rush of people but the carpark was almost full when I got there (roughly around 4pm). The next error I made (which I thought should have been obvious) was going during the middle of summer. As bipolar as Melbourne weather is, it still gets bloody hot in the summers. We've been blessed with a lovely summer thus far but that heat does tend to evaporate water...SCIENCE! This fact dawned on me roughly about 3/4 of the drive in. As I had committed to this hike, I decided I would still go but with the promise that I would venture back to Trentham Falls in the winter to see how different the falls looks with water.

Really hoping I went the right way...
There is a main outlook platform that is about 200 metres from the carpark. Everyone seemed to be congregating there. I was shocked at how many people simply walked down to the viewing platform and then walked back to the car. Where's your sense of adventure people? There appeared to be quite a few pathways down to the base of the falls. As I was hiking by myself (if you don't include Archer), I was being rather cautious with the route I was taking. Up at the top, the shortest trail to the falls had a nice little sign cautioning people to stay away because the cliff was unstable. After taking the much longer path down to the base, I quickly found out that first, shorter trail was perfectly safe to walk down. I wasn't too upset because Archer and I had a nice scenic walk.

View from in the cave
Finally making it to the base, we were greeted by a less than tumultuous roar of the falls. Again, I had made a grave error choosing the middle of summer to visit a waterfall but that did not diminish the sheer beauty of Trentham Falls. There is an incredible cave in which one can view the back side of the falls (or lack there of as there was very little water). I almost...yes I said almost... cannot wait for winter just so I can see the falls with heaps of water. Oh lord, I hope I didn't just curse myself with shit weather for the rest of summer...

Any great falls in Victoria I should check out? What about the rest of Australia? Let me know in the comments and I'll add them to my growing list of adventures!

Until next time...
Stay Curious!

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