5 Things to Do This Autumn in Melbourne

If you're anything like me, the thought that winter is coming is a bittersweet idea. I had gotten WAY to spoiled with the "no seasons" lifestyle Southern California brings. From this spoiled temporary lifestyle, I had forgotten just how beautiful the changing of the seasons actually are. Yes, it gets darker WAY earlier so the notion of actually finding the motivation to do anything becomes a little slimmer. And yes, the weather takes a turn for well... freezing. But in Melbourne, we're not facing polar vortex-like cold. It's chilly but at least there's no snow. I love getting out and exploring this amazing city! Struggling to think of things to do this autumn? Here are some of my favourites:

1. Steavenson Falls
Am I the only one here or does it also hurt your soul a little knowing it starts to get dark at 6pm in Melbourne this time of year? Come winter time, I'm going to work in the dark and headed home in the dark. It's slightly depressing. It makes it incredibly hard to get out and explore. Just an hour and half drive from Melbourne's CBD lies the answer to this problem. Steavenson Falls has a lit path way and stays open until 11pm. It is the perfect answer to anyone who is wanting to get out and explore but doesn't have the time to visit during daylight hours. There are a few short, well lit paths that lead you to the falls. It may seem a little creepy to go hiking in the dark but bring a friend or a pup and you'll be set.

2. Alfred Nicholas Gardens
The Alfred Gardens are gorgeous any time of the year, but they're even more beautiful during autumn. The mix of colours next to the evergreen trees makes the Alfred Nicholas Gardens a relaxing getaway. Pack a picnic lunch and sit next to the waters taking in the breathtaking scenery or go on one of the many hiking paths surrounding the gardens. Either way, you won't be disappointed you stopped here.
Only a short drive outside the city and you're in Wonderland
3. Wine Tasting
Cold weather tends to make people want to stay home and cuddle on the couch. But this is one of the best times to wine taste! Not only will the vineyards be gorgeous with the changing colours but its also around the time that all the new vintages come out. Take the opportunity to try some of Victoria's awesome wines whilst enjoying the gentle breeze of a cool autumns day! It definitely tops wine tasting on a bloody hot day where it feels like your skin is melting off.

4. Pop-up Hot Tub Cinema
Because...why not!?! Roof top cinemas are amazing during the summer time. It gets you outdoors enjoying some awesome films. Why should this have to stop during the colder months? Invite a few of your friends and jump in a cozy, warm hot tub to combat the cold weather.
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5. Footy!
Obviously with the change in the seasons comes the most amazing sport to ever be created in Australia. For more about this amazing sport and why it should consume your autumn/winter, be sure to read Why I'm Basically Obsessed with Footy.

These are some of my favourite things to do during the autumn season. Have I missed any of your favourites? Share your favourite autumn activities in the comments below!

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