35 Random Thoughts Every Traveller Has On Holiday

Thursday, 13 October 2016
Every traveller has a million thoughts racing through their head while they travel. Personally, travelling is when I get some of my best thinking in. On my most recent trip, I could help but laugh at some of the things that ran through my head. So here are my 30 random thoughts I hope every traveller can relate to:

1. What in the world am I supposed to pack?

2. It feels like my entire wardrobe is in this bloody suitcase!!

3. What if I didn’t pack enough clothes?

4. Alright, time to plan on how to get to the airport where I’m not waiting around for ages but I’m not so stressed out I barely make my flight.

5. OH MY GOD! There’s traffic! I’m totally going to miss my flight!

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6. Woohoo! I made it...and I now have 2.5 hours to kill at the airport.

7. Can I get knocked back from my flight if I drink too much?

8. Please for the love of god let me get a window or an aisle seat.

9. Please, no middle seat. Please, no middle seat. Please, no middle seat.

10. Maybe the middle seat won’t be that bad.

11. Do these two people not know proper middle seat etiquette? The person in the middle seat ALWAYS gets both armrests.

12. This isn’t so bad. I’ll just wrap myself up like a burrito and sleep through this flight.

13. And my neighbour is sleeping on me...I guess I won’t be sleeping. I’ll binge watch Parks and Rec instead.

14. Yay!!! I’ve made it!! This is so exciting!!

15. *Sees the customs line* Welp...I’ve almost made it!

16. What happens if I didn’t file my visa properly?

17. What if it isn’t actually visa on arrival?

18. What happens if I get detained and thrown into prison even though I haven’t done anything wrong?

19. Success! Time to go explore this new and exciting country.

20. This is so exciting!

21. I want to see everything!

22. Oh, look! That’s pretty!

23. I love the accent here.

24. Wait a minute...I’m the one with an accent!

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25. I can do this! I can do this!

26. I don’t ever want this trip to end!

27. Is it bad if I have a drink every day?

28. Heck No! I'm on holiday. I'll drink as much as I want.

29. I've eaten so much food. But it's all so good!

30. I wonder if I'd be able to cook this all at home? Probably not. I'm not that talented.

31. There are so many incredible people here.

32. Oh no! It’s almost time to go home I’m not ready.

33. Thank heaven it’s almost time to go home. I’m broke and I miss my (Insert what you miss).

34. I can’t believe how wonderful everything was. That was such an amazing trip.

35. Where can I go next? I'm ready to go on holiday again!

Have you ever had these thought while travelling? Share some of the random thoughts you've had while travelling below!

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