6 Amazing Things to Do in Melbourne This Spring

Thursday, 6 October 2016
For those in the Northern Hemisphere, it's that magical time of the year where autumn takes over, and pumpkin spice reigns supreme (Australia finally has been blessed with pumpkin spice lattes HOORAY!). But almost a world away in a land down under, spring has sprung. It’s a magical time where one day you’re prancing around in a sundress and the next you’re bundled up like it's the polar vortex. There's heaps to do, and sometimes it can be incredibly confusing to narrow down what exactly one should do during spring. 

Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival
It’s that wonderful time of year where men get dressed up dapper as f*** and women try to outdo one another with ridiculous, weird as all hell hats. It doesn’t matter that some people literally have antlers parading from their skull, the Spring Racing Carnival is so much fun! I first got to experience the Melbourne Cup last year and had a total blast! I instantly knew that I would be ensuring I attended at least one race this upcoming season. Back in May when I had to travel to the states, I specifically spent time looking for a dress for the races. I wanted something that no one in Melbourne would have. That is how invested I am in attending. 

Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs
Spring is the perfect time of year to head down to the natural hot springs. Not only is the weather just about perfect, if by chance you decide to go on a day where the weather has taken a turn for the worse, but it also won't matter. You can stay nice and cosy with a glass of wine while soaking in the hot springs. Hot springs not really your thing? There are heaps of awesome wineries around the Mornington Peninsula. You can spend the day wine tasting before it gets too hot. Or...do both!

Hike to a Waterfall
Personally, I think the spring is the perfect time for hiking. We’re towards the end of the rainy season, so you don’t really have to worry about getting wet. Plus the waterfalls are spectacular this time of year due to the snow melting and the copious amounts of rain that poured down across the land over the past few months. There are some beautiful waterfalls sprinkled all across Victoria. If you’re looking for some close to home, try Trentham Falls, Sherbrook Falls, or Olinda Falls

Mckenzie Falls, Grampians

Visit the Gardens
The flowers are blooming, the Magpies are swooping, and if you’re fortunate enough to not suffer from hayfever, the Botanical Gardens are beautiful in the spring. As there are various sections to the gardens, there is sure to be something that everyone will love. My personal favourite sections of the gardens: the California section with all types of flora from Southern California and Fern Gully. Honestly who didn’t love Fern Gully as a child. To find out this place was real, made my life. If you haven’t seen the movie, I highly suggest you immediately stop what you’re doing, find a copy, and watch it now!

Go to the Markets 
There are heaps of local farmers markets that are fantastic to visit during the spring time. I feel like Queen Vic Market also picks up around this time of year. I like the night market but if I’m being honest, South Melbourne Market is a much better market. Avoid the massive amounts of tourist that you’ll find at Queen Vic by opting for the South Melbourne Market or a local farmers market. 

Dear sweet 8lb 9oz baby Jesus. Who thought of this brilliant idea?! This is an event specifically designed for man’s best friend. All the proceeds from the event go towards various puppy rescue groups within Melbourne. Spend the day in the sun with your pup whilst allowing him/her to make all kinds of puppy friends. There is also a contest for various “Bests” (Archer will be entered in the Best Rescue Dog Male Category if you’d like to come cheer him on). I seriously do not know what would make a day better!

He's ready to show his personality to the judges!

 This is honestly one of my favourite parts about living in Melbourne: there is always something to do. Each week brings new and exciting things and every season has its positives. What are you most looking forward to doing this spring? If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, what are you most excited about this autumn season?

And until next time...

Stay Curious!

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  1. Wow!! Australia sounds amazing!! I would love to visit one day!! It would be a dream come true!! I would definitely visit the Botanical Gardens and the Waterfalls!! Actually I'd do everything you mentioned and more!!
    I have not had the opportunity to get out of the United States as of yet. Maybe one day.
    Stay adventurous and I look forward to reading more of your adventure!! Oh and how did your pup do in the contest?

    1. You definitely should add it to your travel list! I'm sure you'll get there one day! He didn't win but I'm still super proud of him!

  2. My husband and I have been thinking of visiting Australia! It sounds amazing and so many things to do! It is definitely on the top of our list!