America: Until United, We Fail

Monday, 10 October 2016
I missed out on writing a post for blogtober this weekend. Trust me, I tried. I tried to sit down and write anything. But my mind was so consumed by recent conversations nothing came. I decided to give myself the opportunity to process those conversations before sharing this food for thought...

America: Until United, We Fail

I've had a lot of thought-provoking conversations with some Australian friends recently that has got the little hamster in my head running his tiny legs off. Recently, a few friends have stated that it doesn't matter who wins the election, America will change very little and continue trotting down its current path. They've stated that as a whole America has failed and will continue to fail until it ultimately crumbles in upon itself. 

My first reaction: “how could you possibly say that? America is not failing.” I tend to get defensive when I hear people say negative things about America (unless they’re true) much like you run to the aid of your sibling when others are speaking ill about them. It’s ok for you to vent but not cool when anyone else does. But upon further examination, I’d have to agree. 

See they were correct in saying it doesn't matter who is elected. No matter what (unless people move away from a two-party system) America will elect someone they're not entirely crazy over. They'll vote for someone they don't like but is the “lesser of two evils”. With that statement, we've already failed. 

You see America is an incredibly individualist country trying to put on the facade that they care about what is good for the majority of its people. But when push comes to shove, we worry about ourselves and will fight for what is best for ME, not WE. 

We are a country that doesn't own up to our mistakes, rather we blame someone else. Many feel angry that we were promised change and blamed Obama when we didn't get this. But failed to look at all the obstacles of the Senate and the House of Representatives placed in the way of any bill. Everyone is to blame for the lack of movement within the country. 

So how do we fix this? How do we stop our country from going down this path? People, it’s time we stop allowing this to happen. The elections have turned into another bloody reality TV show. Let’s take a step back. Remove any and all biases we have of people. Do our research about every candidate. It is so important to not discount the third party candidates (I swear if I had a dollar for every person who’s told me they politically align with a third party candidate but won’t vote for them, I’d be pretty rich right now). And most importantly, we need to hold ALL of the candidates accountable. 

We created this mess. We can get ourselves out of it but only if we stand together. 

And until next time...

Stay Curious!

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  1. What you wrote is so true!! I usually don't pay attention much to politics and don't vote. I voted last year but only for republicans because that's what my family says I have to vote for. They'd be pissed otherwise. But this year I've been sort of paying attention and like most people I don't care much for either candidates. My fiancé is a libertarian and he was telling me that I should vote third party. My mother flipped out!! Isn't it my vote? I don't know who I'm going to vot for but I know I am going to look more into the third party people. We do need to do what's best for WE and not ME. That's such a powerful statement and more people should think like that.
    As usual, thank you for an awesome post!!

  2. I'm always curious to know how other countries are viewing us, it seems it's about the same way I'm viewing us. This is such a great post. I think your right, it's all become one big reality show, and I just keep saying "who's the 3rd party? I'm voting for them" I can see myself standing behind either of the 2 current choices. Our country is all about self, just like you said. I agree! Again, great post!

  3. I agree that the tone of this election is positively dreadful; however, I am am happy and excited to vote for Hillary Clinton! She is not the lesser of two evils for me. In fact, I wrote her name on the ballot in the last election.