10 Ways to Spot an American Abroad

Friday, 11 May 2018
When thinking of the United States, what images emerge? Do you hold any preconceived notions about people from the US? Are they positive, negative, a bit of both? Now, remember a time you saw an American travelling overseas. Where these stereotypes reinforced or challenged? 

Throughout my time in Australia, I have received somewhat contradictory responses when anyone finds out I'm from the US. Many are afraid to outright as if I am American. Frequently, Australians will hear the accent and ask if you're Canadian. This is because  Canadians lose their shit if they're referred to as Americans, or so I've been told (I get it, dude. I've seen Justin Trudeau). And since we all know how much I love taking the piss out of myself and my home country, I thought I would make it a little easier for everyone by detailing ways to spot an American travelling abroad.