Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas for Anyone on Your List

Sunday, 9 December 2018
This year has flown by. I am still in disbelief that we are less than a week away from Christmas. If you're anything like me, your busy schedule has put shopping on the back burner and now you're panicked to get all your shopping done on time. Fear no more! I've compiled a list of 10 amazing last minute gift ideas for anyone on your list!

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Do you have any people left on your list and you're not entirely sure what to get them? Bullet journals are amazing gifts for anyone but especially those hard to shop for people. These journals give you the freedom to be creative, track progress throughout the year, and practice mindfulness. 

Does your loved one travel a lot? Have you shared a special moment together? Or do they have adorable photos of their dog? Creating a custom canvas is a great personalised gift! I always love printing my favourite photos from my travels and hanging them around the house. It makes me feel like a professional photographer. 

Obstacle Course Races
Many people make health and fitness a goal for their New Years Resolution. Do you know why a lot of people fail? They make excuses. A great gift for someone of any fitness level, SIgn them up for an obstacle course race! Sometimes the greatest motivation can be knowing you have to be prepared for the race. Get them a great training book, a race, and buddy up with them so you get to spend more time with your loved one! 

If you're really stuck for a gift idea, mystery boxes can be just the gift. There are beauty, sci-fi, health and wellness, fitness, so many different types of boxes to choose from! I've given one a go a few months and was pleasantly surprised with what was sent. 

Gifts to a proper spa can be expensive. We want the people we care about to take care of themselves. Sometimes this means forced mental health time. Can't afford a proper spa but still want your friend to be able to relax? Give them a home spa kit. Grab some bath bombs, mud masks, and some relaxing scents to help make this DIY spa a bit more special. 

This is perfect for any traveller or racer. I have wanted a GoPro for such a long time. I think it would be so cool to be able to video any snorkelling trips or crazy OCR runs. It's a great way to remember any adventure you've gone on. 

Wanting to get the tiny humans in your life excited about travelling? The World Traveller Set is a great way to do this. If your a jet-setting auntie, this gift is great for your little nieces or nephews to pretend they're going on holiday with you! I'm super excited to play around with this when I see my nephew!

Food Subscription Boxes 
Do you have a loved one that wants to get healthy but doesn't know where to start or is pressed for time? Why not get them a food subscription? Companies like HelloFresh, Fresh 2 U, and YouFoodz send the food you need directly to your door. The correct portion sizes are sent so there's no fear of overeating and you're given recipes with each box. No need to think about what's for dinner! 

Whether you're at the beach, hiking, on a picnic, or simply relaxing in the backyard, everyone loves listening to some music or a good podcast. Having the freedom to listen to music whenever you want, that is actually loud enough to hear, can make any day a little more magical. These speakers are a great, simple gifts for anyone left on your shopping list. 

What do you think of the list? Any gifts that should have been added? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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