The 2020 Challenge: Running 2020 Miles in a Year

Friday, 31 January 2020
Before the start of the new year, my booty got one of the craziest ideas. Throughout the entire year of 2020, I would run 2020kms. Simple right? My maths inhibited brain did some (rather poor) mental math and concluded this goal was completely attainable. I started to question whether or not it would actually be that challenging. So like any sane person, I signed myself up for the 2020 challenge except in miles. For my metric system loving readers, this meant I need to run 3,250.9 km throughout the entire year. 

Y'all I have no bloody clue what I was thinking! This roughly equates to 10 km per day! When you're working full time in a sedentary role, those km are hard to come by. You may now be asking yourself, "how in the heck are you going to manage that throughout the entire calendar year?". Like most of my crazy challenge ideas, I've broken my approach into more manageable, achievable goals. Here are my tips for tackling the 2020 challenge. 

1. Running 5 Conscious Kilometres Per Day
When I was aiming for 2020 kilometres, this roughly translated to 5 kilometres per day. Easy right? The run I take my dog on each day roughly equates to 5 kilometres. But for some reason, when I decided to tackle miles instead, the kilometres per day didn't translate for me. I assumed it would be the same. Yeah, I was hella wrong. 

When doing this challenge in miles, it equates to roughly 10 kilometres per day. This, unfortunately, isn't something feasible for me, yet. I would quickly run my body into the ground, failing the challenge early on. This is where I decided to stick to 5 conscious kilometres of running per day. Throughout the year, I will slowly build this up so hopefully by the end of the year, I will be able to run 10 km every day.

2. Make 5 Kilometres Fun Activities
As I mentioned, I need to rack roughly 10 km per day to conquer this challenge in miles. As much as I want to do this strictly by running, I know that would be bad for my body. So how will I manage to get those additional 5 km? By engaging in fun activities. 

The other 5 km for my challenge can be obtained from cycling, walking, dancing, swimming, pretty much anything that will get my body moving. This means changing up my daily routine. Instead of driving to the supermarket, I'll walk. If I want a coffee, I best better get my booty on a bike or walk to the cafe. Bouncing on a trampoline, rock climbing, surfing, all these activities can count!

3. Bank as Many Kilometres as Possible Early On
Once work goes back into full swing, it will be hard to get my kilometres in. This time of year, my schedule becomes a little less intense. Thankfully, it gives me more time to go to the gym and take the pup for lots of walks. 

Since I have the privilege of some freedom in my schedule, I will be banking as many kilometres as possible. Being able to bank my kilometres also ensures that if I get sick, I won't fall behind. It will help make the goal seem more attainable all throughout the year. 

4. Races Will Count
Some people are doing that the challenge that have stated they will not include race kilometres into their 2020 challenge kilometres. Y'all I am not superwoman. I just want to see if I can hold myself accountable to finish this challenge. This means I can't afford to lose kilometres because of a race. Spartans, Tough Mudder, 5km, 10km, and the Melbourne Marathon will all be counted towards my 2020 challenge. 

5. Accountability Partners 
This is one hell of a challenge. Tackling it on my own would be even crazier. Thankfully I have a few people crazy enough to join the challenge with me. In addition, my gym has been super supportive and have created a kilometre counter to help ensure I'm staying on track. If you're going to tackle this challenge, make sure you have a good accountability partner. Whether this means posting to Facebook, Instagram, or building a community. 

What do you think? Am I completely crazy for attempting this challenge? Is this a challenge you would try to tackle? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to share your tips and tricks, especially if you have any pointers for avoiding injury. 

And until next time...
Stay curious!


  1. I should really get back into running but it's been forever. I'm not sure my knees could take it.
    But this is awesome!

  2. What a great challenge. I am a runner and I should do a challenge like this

  3. Oh, so awesome. I have dabbled in running and I've loved it. I've more done power walking and biking. I love the feel of running, though, and could use a good challenge.

  4. Woah that is an AWESOME challenge, I wish I could participate. I tried to start running this year but my knees will not handle it. Maybe I can just do 2020 miles in steps though!

  5. Good for you for not just saying "nevermind" once you realized what you were up against. I love the second idea about incorporating fun things into the running to make up some more miles.

  6. Maybe if you do regularly a specific kms in working days and in holidays or days you only can enjoy running and following your goal you can double it. You great ways to do this I'm sure you can do it regarding of the time and everything.

  7. Wow, that is an ambitious goal. But I have no doubt you can do it! You will definitely have to make it fun. It will be so awesome to say you accomplished your goal at the end of the year!