What You Need For A Mountain Bike Trip In Australia

Friday, 1 October 2021

When you land in Australia, right away you will have noticed that it's not like any other country in the world. Let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way. The wildlife is incredible but it can be dangerous. There are lots of crocodiles, snakes and spiders that could end your day in a really bad way. However, there aren’t as many animals and other wildlife as you might think. Australia is huge and it's mostly empty. So it's perfect for taking a mountain bike trip, where you can ride over the orange sand in the desert, pedal through the tropical forests and across hills and farmland. But, what exactly do you need for a mountain bike trip through such a unique country?

Lots of Distance

Australia is a very large country and if you want to go on a mountain bike trip, you need a bike that gives you the distance. The Sunmono E-bike lineup has an incredible mountain bike range that has tremendous distance. Not only can you use them as a normal mountain bike when the battery runs out, but the battery gives you a great 45-75 kilometers. The top speed is 25km/h on the street, but you can unlock 32km/h for offroad use. So you can go 30+ km/h, with up to 75km of range but then you can switch back to using your own steam only when you want to go further. The charge time is about 4-6 hours which is not bad at all, considering how much range you get.

Smart Helmets

Smart tech has left no stone unturned and one of the areas that it has positively impacted right away is health and safety. But we’re not talking about smart health apps, we’re talking about smart bicycle helmets. These have LED lights at the front and rear that come on when you set them to, i.e. when it is early morning or evening. You can get smart helmets with a built-in SOS messenger, so if you were to fall down and break your leg in the middle of nowhere, you can let someone know where you are and that you require help. These helmets also have music speakers so you can enjoy some music while riding around in the desert.

Waterproof Tops

Although Australia doesn’t have much rain, nobody wants to be out on the trail soaking wet. This is why a lightweight portable waterproof top is something you should always carry with you, just in case it begins to pour down. You may also want to get windproof tops, such as a windbreaker which prevents the wind from pushing you around too much. The top brands in this will be Adidas, Napapijri, Nike and North Face. North Face has some great options as a wholesaler, for those that want an affordable option.

Mountain biking in Australia is growing in popularity because of the privacy and exclusion of the trails on offer. Get a smart helmet so you can be easily seen at night or early morning, a great bike that gives you distance, and some great clothes to keep you comfortable.

Have you ever gone mountain biking? What are your tips and tricks? Share them in the comments below!

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