Come With Me, I'll Teach You How to Penguin!

This magical moment happens every night on Phillip Island. I've been told that it is possible to view these adorable fluff balls at St Kilda beach, but until recently, I had not been fortunate enough to witness this. Every night these little floofs waddle their way from the treacherous seas after a long day of fishing, to snuggle in for the evening. You would think this wouldn't be very exciting, but it's like watching a bunch of puppies run around gleefully (if you pretend this does not bring you happiness and joy, you're a liar, and we can't be friends). I was beyond spoiled by having one of my first dates here and had to share the experience with a friend when she came to visit.

Phillip Island Penguin Parade June 2014
Penguin Parade January 2015
Advice #1: It seems regardless of the time of year, the Penguin Parade will be COLD!  I assumed going during summer would mean I didn't have to dress as though I was visiting the Arctic; boy was I wrong!! We ended up making a pitstop so that I could buy a pair of pants. By some miracle, the only store open happened to sell sweatpants. Not so much of a miracle is that I never want to be seen in public wearing them.  Bring a blanket and a towel. The bleachers can get a bit damp and sitting in wet clothes is never a fun experience. 

Definitely bundle up!

Advice #2: If you're going during peak season (i.e. during the summer). Get there at least 30 minutes early. There will be heaps and heaps of people/buses, but there is also more space as the tide is a little further out. You don't have to worry about sitting in the splash zone. 

Wallaby looking a bit lost

Advice #3: Don't spend all your time watching the penguins coming in from the water. Some of the best/up close views are on the walk back to the car park. This is probably my favorite part! It becomes increasingly tempting to "leave" your purse laying around in hopes one little guy will waddle in and BAM! pet penguin. You quite literally walk alongside with the penguins as they head home. It's adorable and will melt your heart.

Venturing in from the sea
Let's all say it together...."aaawwww!!"
As a final warning, you're not supposed to use flash photography while enjoying the Penguin Parade. I've seen quite a few people get yelled at while attempting to photograph the penguins. Luckily they don't say the warning in German. So until next time...

Stay curious!

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