Where in the World are Beaker and Org?

Best friends since kindergarten
I'm pretty sure I have one of the greatest best friends in the history of best friends. We've been like PB&J, Ebony & Ivory, Goose &Maverick (minus the death), Peas & Carrots (you get the picture) since we were 5 years old. Thats... a lot of years of friendship...She's the type of friend that would sneak past hospital security in the middle of the night to keep you company and do a weird "We're gonna save your heart" dance with your mother. Since graduating high school, we've had the unfortunate dilemma of living hundreds of miles away from each other. It's my theory that the world can't handle our awesomeness in the same city for too long. In this long distant friendship, we've developed creative ways of keeping in contact. For a while, we used elephants. Whenever we were on an adventure, we'd snap a picture of the elephant and have the other guess where we were. This later developed into C3PO and R2D2. Sadly, R2 did not survive the trip Australia with me. But in this sad affair, a grand idea flourished!

Where in the World are Beaker and Org?!?!
Org and Unicorn united!
....and Unicorn too! Yes, we were the mature adults in a children's toy shop rummaging through all the lego packets trying to find two unicorns. Marz found a unicorn and I found Org. There it hit us, why keep our random "Guess where I am" snaps just on snapchat? Why not have friends and family take a guess at where I am?! Throughout my travels, I'll post pictures of Beaker or Org wherever I am before posting a written blog. Be sure to check out my Instagram for extra hints.
 So until next time...
Where in the world is Beaker?

Stay curious!

Do you have a guess as to where in the world Beaker is? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Love your Blog! No idea where Bleaker is. Keep writing!