Weekend Getaway to Sydney Day 2

Friday, 22 January 2016
Things I learned whilst in Sydney: the weather here can be just as bipolar as the weather in Melbourne. My Sunday adventure was meant to be spent in the sun walking along the coast from Coogee Beach to the iconic Bondi Beach. The weather had other plans for me. The first part of the morning was spent raining and overcast. But that wasn't going to stop me. I took the short-ish Uber ride from Potts Point to Coogee Beach to start the walk. 

When I got to Coogee Beach, there was a market of some sort going on so I took a little time to check it out and grab some food. The market had live music, heaps of different foods, and craft vendors. I'm pretty sure I was supposed to pay to go in but I didn't figure this out until the end. There was a very little rope around the outside of the event that didn't exactly scream "Don't cross". After eating some butter chicken from one of the vendors, I was ready to start my hike to Boni. 
Right at the start
The Coogee Baths
The Coogee Baths were a little bit somber. At the archway leading down to the baths, there is a memorial for all those who died in the Bali Bombings. I was trying to figure out why the memorial was erected there, but I haven't really been able to find anything. From what I've read, there are quite a few memorial items for those who died in the Bali Bombings around Coogee Beach. 

Walking down to the baths, I decided to try my luck at photographing the water making it look glassy. I definitely failed at this but quickly turned my attention to a couple of crabs crawling along the rocks. This whole post could end up with images from the walk. Instead of overloading this post, I will post heaps to my Instagram for your enjoyment.
Probably frowned upon to take pictures of a cemetery but its just so beautiful
There were so many amazing places along the walk to stop and just take in the natural beauty. Overall the walk took me maybe 2ish hours to get to Bondi. Honestly, I could be wrong as my memory isn't always the greatest. One of the strangest things I found in Sydney is that there are heaps of public pools right next to the ocean. It seems really odd to me. Why put in a pool when you have the ocean right there?
Bondi Iceberg Swimming Pool
The rest of the day was spent enjoying a nice lunch in Bondi before heading back to the apartment to pack. Catching one of the last flights out of Sydney was probably the greatest idea I had because it gave me so much time to explore. Curious about what I saw on day 1? Click here!

Have you ever been to Sydney? What were some of your favourite places to see?

Until next time...
Stay curious!

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