So You Think You're in Shape? Grampians Edition

Friday, 29 April 2016
Overall, I feel like I'm generally a healthy person. I try to eat healthily, walk the dog regularly, and I occasionally try to work out. When I've gone on hikes around Melbourne, they're typically not too challenging for me... So when I was told about a "5km" hike that takes 4-5 hours (but our friend Tim could complete in 2.5 hours), I was more than up for the challenge. Now when Tim said it was a 5km hike, he slightly gave us incorrect information. The whole circuit turned out to be 11kms so right off the bat my judgement of this hike was skewed. Being the brave souls my mate and I are, we decided to walk from the Botanical Gardens, through the Venus Baths, down to the Grand Canyon, back up to the Pinnacles, and back down the face of the mountain. No problem right?