Book Review: The Last Humans Trilogy

Sunday, 7 August 2016
For those of you who do not know, I absolutely LOVE to read! When I was contacted about reading The Last Humans Trilogy, I was incredibly excited. Scifi is one of my favourite genres, and I'm always looking for interesting novels that differ from the typical Scifi storyline. In this review, I will break down each book in the trilogy giving a short synopsis and my opinion of each book.

Oasis is set in an apocalyptic Earth where the surviving humans must remain under a protective dome to avoid death via goo. As human society has evolved, this new haven has become a Utopian society. Humans simply have to think about food and food will appear in their hands. Here is where we meet the main characters Theo and his friend Phoe. I frequently found myself questioning if Phoe was real or if Theo was just a bit off his rocker. The story continues with a series of adventures and Theo trying to figure out who Phoe is and if she's even real. While the storyline does resemble a mixture of the Matrix and Caprica, I do have to give the author credit on making the storyline unique. Without any spoilers, the plot line can be tricky to understand but stick with it. The cliffhanger at the end of the first book hooked me into continuing reading onto the second.

Limbo continues chronicling Theo and Phoe journey and trials. In this book, we learn more about the Oasis and the people living there. Limbo takes place on Birth Day. In the Oasis, humans are all born on the same day via artificial wombs. It is during Birth Day that the Youths, Adults, and Elders are all subjected to tests. Theo must pass a test to help Phoe uncover her abilities. We're given more details about the Forebears and how they designed society in the Oasis. This book was the hardest of the trilogy for me to connect with. To me, the plot line seemed forced and repetitive. Each page seemed to drag on. I found the reveal of the Envoy to be incredibly predictable. I also started to become incredibly irritated with the development of Theo and Phoe's relationship. The ending of this book left me frustrated and close to giving up on the series.

Haven picks up right after Birth Day. Just when Theo thinks he's safe, he's hit with one trial after another. This was my favourite book of the trilogy. It was fast paced and kept me engaged throughout the entire book. Haven definitely did not disappoint.

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