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Thursday, 27 October 2016
Hey everyone,

I thought I would take the time to explain some of the changes you might be noticing on Adventures in Aussieland. I like to keep everything relating to my blog as transparent as possible because I don't want my readers to feel like I'm cheating them or ripping them off. 

Recently, I have decided to partner with by becoming an Amazon Affiliate. What this means is that some of my posts will contain various links back to Amazon products. I do receive a small percentage of each purchase made from one of my links. I will be trailing my partnership with Amazon for the next 180 days. 

I have decided to partner with Amazon because I feel it is an excellent opportunity to provide better content to all my readers. I will try to blend the links seamlessly into each blog post. If you don't want to click the link, you don't have to! 

If you think my posts start to look like I'm pushing sales too much, please say something. That is not my intent at all.  I am more than welcome to receiving feedback about my integration of Amazon Affiliate links in each post. 

I want to thank everyone for their continued support! I love reading everyone's comments on my posts. It's so much fun to share my experiences and thoughts with you all.  

And until next time...
Stay Curious!

17 Super Motivating Songs That Probably Aren't On Your Playlist

Wednesday, 26 October 2016
Motivation. It can be the biggest roadblock on our way to success. Finding the motivation to go to the gym and string together an intense workout sometimes just doesn’t happen. There are days we need that little extra kick in the butt. Music can be a significant motivating factor to give us that extra push we need to make our workout more successful. Here are some of my top motivating songs for the gym:

**This post does contain affiliate links. I do receive a small percentage of any purchases made. These contributions help me continue to put out amazing content for everyone. I greatly appreciate any purchases made.**

Rise and Shine
The ultimate in motivation. I’m pretty sure this isn’t one that can be found on iTunes. But fear not! I merely converted the youtube video to an mp3 file and BAM! I’m able to listen to this motivating beauty anytime I want. I’ve even set it as an alarm to keep me extra motivated.

Wonderland (PeaceTreaty Remix)- Natalia Kills

The original is nice, but the dubstep version takes this song to a whole other level! This is one of the most motivating songs when I run. Every time this song comes on, I get a second wind, and I’m a gazelle prancing through the lush fields of joy and happiness.

Shatter Me- Lindsey Stirling feat. Lzzy Hale

Another great song to run to. This song manages to get me pumped when I’m starting my run. Something about the beat and the lyrics just gets me going. Click HERE to add this awesome song to your playlist.

Shot Me Down (feat. Daja) [Workout Mix]- Dj DMX & Daja

Another great running song! I have a tough time not bursting into dance while running to this song. Be forewarned. This song may bring about spontaneous dance parties. **I could not find a YouTube video for the specific remix I've mentioned, but I do know that it's on iTunes**

Midnight City-M83

This is another great song for keeping you motivated during a long distance run. Something about this song helps keep my head clear and gives me that extra boost to keep going. Every time this song comes on during a run; I end up seeing a movie like a montage flash before my eyes. This montage helps me visualise me kicking my runs butt. Add this awesome song to your workout playlist by clicking HERE.

Summit feat. Ellie Goulding/Breath feat. Krewella-Skrillex

This is another powerhouse of a run song. It keeps your running at a high pace and is super uplifting. The lyrics help keep your morale up throughout the run.

Stars Come Out (Dillon Francis Remix)-Zedd

Warning! This song may induce skipping, frolicking, leaping, and random bursts of joy. I’m not sure why but at one point of the song, I picture Dorothy and her friends trippin’ on acid, skipping down the yellow brick road. This mental image always gives me the giggles and re-energises me.

Let It Be (feat. Veela)- Blackmill

When I struggle to get into the zen mindset that is often needed for long distance running, this song seems to do the trick. I have this song towards the end of my running playlist to help me encourage me. I know once this song comes on, I’m almost finished! Add this song to your playlist by clicking HERE.

Making Love on Replay- Electronic Prophet

The perfect cool down song. This amazing mashup by my dear friend is the most amazing song for getting me through the last bit of my run. I’ve also found that this is a great song to listen to while going through my cool down stretches.

Feel Alive- Benny Benassi

Perfect for a run or doing HIIT workouts, this song does a great job of pumping you up. It always leaves me feeling incredibly grateful for the day and motivates me to give my workout my all.

Dream On- Aerosmith

The song that tends to start my strength training workout. I’m not sure what it is about this song that gets me so motivated for the rest of the workout. I’ve seen this song on motivation lists in the past, so naturally, there is incredibly motivating about this song. Add Aerosmith's Dream On to your workout now!

Stronger- Britney Spears

This has become my song when I’m doing arm exercises. I HATE doing upper body workouts with a passion (this could be why I have ZERO upper body strength). Stronger really speaks to me when I’m four reps into my first set and thinking about working on my booty instead of my upper body.

Anaconda- Nicki Minaj

The ultimate booty motivator. I literally cannot stop myself from doing squats every time I hear this song. If you need a song to get your booty in gear, this is it! Cuz my anaconda don't want none unless you've got buns, hun!

I Will Not Bow- Breaking Benjamin 

Anyone else like listening to angry music when lifting weights? While this isn’t the most hostile of songs, there is something so motivating about the lyrics. Breaking Benjamin really seems to help push me through the tougher lifting workouts.

Faint- Linkin Park

What workout playlist doesn’t include Linkin Park? I like this song for both running and lifting. It’s an excellent overall motivating song.

Kill’em All- Audiomachine
Anyone else use the gym as a way not to punch people in the face? Sometimes work, and life can make us angry. This song helps me channel my anger more positively: lifting weights to gain more strength.

The Pure and The Tainted- Blue Stahli

Sometimes you just need music. No words. Just music. This is that song. This tune helps you channel your inner goddess and power through any challenging lifting program.

Motivating one’s self to workout is challenging. Be sure to put together a great motivating playlist to make working out less of a chore. What do you think of this list? Are there any songs that really motivate you that aren’t listed?

And until next time...
Stay Curious!

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**This post does contain affiliate links. I do receive a small percentage of any purchases made. These contributions help me continue to put out amazing content for everyone. I greatly appreciate any purchases made.**

15 Minutes is All it Takes || Mashup Fitness Giveaway

Tuesday, 25 October 2016
There are often days, especially on the weekend when the gym opens late and closes early, that I struggle to fit in a good workout. My pups do love going for a good run but I usually just run about 2.5kms at the park while they play with other dogs and sprint to catch up with me. But even then, I’m really not pushing myself. I have a horrible motivation problem when it comes to running so unless I’m partaking in a race, my effort levels will be minimal. 

At home, I’m somewhat motivated to workout, but it's nothing like the motivation I have at the gym. I somehow feel the gym is like a competition and I have to prove myself to the people around me (yes this even falls into my running interval routine). I’ve tried monthly challenges, blogilates, etc. I just can’t seem to stick to a stable home workout routine. Mainly because I frequently change up my workout routine to keep me entertained. 

I recently started trying the MASHUP 15-Minute Digital Workouts from Booya Fitness**. These are 15-minute workouts that can be done at home. It is recommended to have various exercise equipment to aid in these workouts, but I decided I would work with what I had around the house. It is suggested you have: a yoga mat, dumbbells, resistance bands, foam roller, storage bin, kettlebells, mini trampoline, and a chair. Looking at the workouts that are a part of the 15-minute MASHUP I did not need the foam roller, storage bin, kettlebells, mini trampoline, or the chair. 

My housemate had 5kg dumbbells, so I borrowed those. I had my own yoga mat, but truth be told I did not use it. I don’t mind lying on the floor, and I generally don’t need the support of a yoga mat. If you have carpet in your house, you could probably skip buying one. As for the resistance band, I used my ballet band that I’ve had for years. It’s meant to help dancers obtain a middle split, needles, and arabesques but I often use it as a resistance band. 

First impression, these videos are great. Only 15 minutes long, five simple moves with three levels of difficulty, it is an excellent way to get in a quick and easy workout when you don’t have the ability to go to the gym. A few days into trying them I ended up straining a ligament in my ankle after racing in the Operation Blackhawks race. I ended up going from doing these workouts at level three to profoundly modifying the workout so that I was able to get some form of exercise in. After hurting my ankle, I found I would give up after the second set only because I felt I was doing more harm to my body than good (I really should be resting my ankle). 

I do wish more of the workouts were available in the bundle. It would have been heaps of fun to try the burlesque workout and some of the dance workouts. It also would have been interesting to see how some of the other instructors lead their classes. You’re able to preview some of the workouts, but it is usually only a couple of minutes and falls during the warm up. While the instructor in the videos I sampled was incredibly knowledgeable about health and fitness, I tend to like a workout instructor who is either super high energy or yelling at me through the TV. It helps keep me motivated throughout the length of the workout. 

Overall, if you have limited time to work out and want a good, short, challenging workout these are the workouts for you! Booya Fitness has been kind enough to allow me to host my first giveaway! I will be giving away the MASHUP 15-Minute Digital Workouts to 3 lucky followers! To enter, just be subscribed to Adventures in Aussieland social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) and leave a comment below stating why you would like to win! The winner will be announced on 31/10/2016 on the Adventures in Aussieland Facebook page. 

And until next time...
Stay Curious!

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**This post was sponsored by Mashup 15-Minute Digital Workouts. I received the product free of cost in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.**


9 More American Foods That Are Impossible to Find in Australia

Thursday, 20 October 2016
Maybe it is because I burst into tears while trying to find mozzarella sticks in the market. Perhaps it is a sheer fact that I am beyond mentally and physically exhausted. I've decided that today's Blogtober contribution will release: 9 More American Foods That Are Almost Impossible to Find In Australia. If you missed out on the first list, be sure to read 10 Foods That Are Impossible to Find in Australia. I may have missed a few yummy foods!

Tate’s Gluten-Free Cookies
I have only found these amazing cookies while living in Southern California but, according to their website, they're big on the east coast as well. I couldn't eat gluten in the US, so these cookies were a godsend. I still crave these frequently. If only it weren't something like $20 to ship one small bag.

Mozzarella Sticks
These little deep-fried gems right here are the whole reason this list is getting written so quickly. I'm not proud of it but my adult self-cried in the market today when I couldn't find mozzarella sticks in the frozen food section. I could have sworn that Coles sold them, but I guess I was wrong. Where, oh where, can I find cheese sticks in Melbourne?!

Sure you can find packaged, sliced turkey in most markets but when it comes to the real turkey, nope not really going to happen. Around Christmas, you'll find frozen turkeys, and I've found some markets will occasionally carry minced turkey but nothing like what it was in the US. I'm sure a local butcher would have to sell turkey, but there isn't one nearby that is convenient to stop.

Oh, melty cheesy goodness that warms its way into my soul. How could I ever live without you? I've found queso at a few restaurants, but I'm not sure it can be classified as such. It tends just to be baked cheese. This is another make at home dish I frequently make.

Angry Orchard
There are plenty of ciders here in Australia but none that quite have the flavour of Angry Orchard. Somersby is close but is a little bit too sweet. I enjoyed the non-alcoholic (even though there is alcohol in Angry Orchard) apple cider taste that Angry Orchard captured. Mix that with a little Fireball, and you've got apple pie in alcoholic form.

Thankfully Costco has started carrying tri-tip! Unfortunately, Costco does not always sell this cut. I realise that tri-tip isn't the most fabulous cut of meat on the planet. But you slow cook that baby for 16 hours in a delicious homemade bbq sauce, and you have a little slice of heaven on earth. Many of the American BBQ restaurants will have brisket on the menu but never tri-tip. Y'all are missing out!

I out of the blue started to crave Nutterbutters the other day. I used to love these cookies as a kid. They're two biscuits with peanut butter in the middle. Amazing! But as peanut butter treats are not a massive thing in Australia, I have not been able to find these goodies.

These beautiful green tomatoes are perfect for any dish. It saddens me that any salsa verde that is found in Australia (outside of the salsa verde I've found at La Lupita) has capsicum instead of tomatillo. This substitute may keep the salsa green, but it completely changes the flavour. I've tried to find tomatillo seeds to grow my own, but I think I need to check out the local nursery.

Green Chilis
Yes, you can find a small range of green chilis. Heck, recently every time I go to the market, I find jalapeƱos. But there is a whole list of chilis, like poblano chilis, that aid in the Mexican flavours I like my dishes to have. JalapeƱos, especially the tiny ones at the markets, do not do any wonders when cooking chilli rellenos. I have removed a large staple to my diet. Two years later, I'm still slowly adjusting.

I know that moving to a new country comes with some adjustments. To be honest, I love my life in Australia, and I feel I've assimilated rather well. I hope that these posts are not read as me being ungrateful but more informative and nostalgic. Sometimes you just need a little piece of home.

What are some of the foods you miss while living abroad? Be sure to share them in the comments below.

And until next time...
Stay Curious!

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10 American Foods That Are Impossible to Find in Australia

Occasionally, during times of high stress, my American side comes out, and I become nostalgic for various American foods. While I can get a lot of American products here in Australia, they’re marked up so high I want to cry as I had the cashier my money. If you’re moving long-term or permanently, getting used to the lack of American foods may take some time to get used to. Here are 10 American foods that are impossible (or darn near impossible) to find in Australia:  

Almond Joys
Oh, sweet chocolate covered, almond coconut joy, why are you not available in Australia? I've searched high and low trying to find this chocolate with no such luck. I will admit, there are many American's that do not enjoy Almond Joys but seriously, Australia you're missing out!

Peach Rings
It may be a good thing that peach rings are not available in Australia. I used to easily go through a pack of these per day (#sorrynotsorry). I was recently able to find Peach Rings at an American Lolli stand at the Victoria Garden's Shopping Centre but was informed that they would not be regularly stocked. Naturally, I bought the only two bags they had in stock.

Mexican Food
The inability to find decent Mexican food is is a daily complaint from my mouth. Frequently, my housemates laugh at my obsession with cooking Mexican. I can't help it! Growing up in California, it is a massive staple in my diet. At least two times per week, I cook a Mexican dish at home.  I recently saw that a Chipotle was opening up at Southern Cross Station (I'm aware it isn't proper Mexican food, but I'll take what I can get). Imagine my disappointment when it turned out to be a rip-off of Chipotle.

Bagels were a main breakfast staple for me back in the US. While you're able to find bagels here, it's incredibly challenging. There are a few great places in Melbourne, but they're expensive and a bit of a trek from mine. Occasionally I will find bagels at the market, so fingers crossed it's becoming a "thing" in Melbourne. **Hipsters, please work your bagel magic**

Philly Cheese Steak
I've found a few restaurants in Melbourne that claim to have Philly Cheese Steaks on the menu. At this point, I know better, but I will order a Philly Cheese Steak when I see one on the menu. None even remotely resemble what a real Philly Cheese Steak sandwich should be. This is another food item I'm better off preparing at home. *le sigh*

Ranch Dressing
Australia seriously please jump on the ranch dressing bandwagon. You can literally put it on anything, and it will taste amazing! Ok, maybe not everything but 80% of foods you ingest, ranch dressing will add massive awesomeness. I frequently ask my family to send over packets so I can make my ranch dressing. This has helped hold me over until I can convince Australia that ranch dressing needs to become a thing. 

Cookie butter
Another total American food here. Nothing is better than having a few spoonfuls of cookie butter for dessert or lightly spreading the delicious cookie butter over a toasted English muffin or bagel. It's awesome! Thank you, Aldi, for rarely stocking this gem.

Sunflower Seeds
This was another go-to snack for me. I drove a lot for my job in the US and frequently would eat sunflower seeds while driving to help keep me alert. As my job requires a lot of driving here in Australia, I miss being able to snack on sunflower seeds. 
Yes, these are pumpkin seeds but same same. 

Anytime I'm feeling ill; I specifically crave Vernors. Growing up in a household of Michigan origins, Vernors was the cure-all drink. A Michigan-based ginger ale (that actually contains no ginger), this is the most flavourful ginger ale I've ever had. USA Foods does stock Vernors at a shocking $4 per can! I've only been desperate enough to buy a can once.

Arizona Tea (Specifically Grapeade)
Another beverage that is available in Australia but at a steep markup. It's tough to pay $4 per can when the can says explicitly "ONLY 99 Cents". I frequently see the Fruit Punch Arizona Tea but rarely see the Grapeade. Grape and cherry are not commonly found flavours in Australia, so I tend to buy a can whenever I see them. The ml per can is significantly larger than that of a can of Vernor's so I can justify the purchase in my head.

I ended up with quite an extensive list so I will probably write a part two to this list. Are you an America living abroad? What are some American foods you cannot get? Have I left anything off the list? Be sure to let me know in the comments below!

And until next time...

Stay Curious!

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26 Random Facts About Adventures in Aussieland

Tuesday, 18 October 2016
I enjoyed writing 26 Awesome Travel Memories Every Traveller Should Have and thought I would do a similar post answering questions about myself. I tend to give small snapshots into my life in each of my posts but never go into too much detail. I thought this would a fun way to give a little more insight.

A – Age: 28
B – Biggest Fear: Wax figures (weird story) and spiders. I’ve managed almost to eliminate my other fears!
C – Current Time: 2105 (when I was writing the post)
D – Drink You Had Last: A glass of wine with my dinner.
E – Easiest Person To Talk To: Either my mum or my best friend, Marcia. I can speak to them about anything.
F – Favorite Song: Oh goodness, I don’t know. It changes with my mood. I’ve been obsessed with this cover of Closer

G – Grossest Memory: It takes a lot to gross me out. Maybe the day a client decided it was a good idea to go to the bathroom on my leg.
H – Hometown: Modesto
I – In Love With: My adorable puppy dog Archer.
J – Jealous Of: No one. I’m not really the jealous type.
K – Kindest Person You Know: My mum. She has to be the kindest hearted individual on this earth.
L – Longest Relationship: 3 years.

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M – Middle Name: Elizabeth
N – Number of Siblings: One. Hi, brother! And my sissy-in-law so I guess that makes two not one!
O – One Wish: Right now...That my visa will get granted.
P – Person You Spoke To On The Phone Last: One of my friends.
Q – Question You’re Always Asked: “So where are you from?”
R – Reason To Smile: Archer is currently asleep on my lap which always makes me smile. He’s the biggest cuddle bug ever and doesn’t like it when I give my attention to my work and not him.
S – Song You Last Sang: B*tch Please 2
T – Time You Woke Up: I think it was around 10:00 today. I was pretty exhausted.
U – Underrated Travel Destination: Cambodia! I've fallen in love with Cambodia. 
V – Vacation Destination: Well the last holiday I went on was to Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. If I had to choose my next travel destination, it would either be Prague, Antarctica, or Fiji
W – Worst Habit: Allowing my room to become a cluttered, organised mess. I need to get better at keeping it spotless.

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X – X-Rays You’ve Had: Too many to keep track of.
Y – Your Favourite Food: Mexican food or avocados.
Z – Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

This post may have nothing to do with travelling the world but hey its blogtober! I've enjoyed the freedom I've allowed myself with my writing. If you've liked these types of posts, please let me know in the comments below. Be sure to tag me if you decided to use this template in a future post so that I can learn more about you!

And until next time...
Stay Curious!

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10 Common Travel Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Friday, 14 October 2016
Everyone is guilty of making small (or large) mistakes while travelling. Sometimes these mistakes can just be a slight annoyance. Other times, these mistakes can land you in some serious trouble. Here are 10 common travel mistakes that every traveller may encounter: 

I used to be so guilty of this. I was always the packer who needed options. By the time the trip was over, I would not have worn half of what I packed. When you’re backpacking, over packing can become a huge issue. Not only do you miss out on space for souvenirs but you also add to the weight YOU must carry. A massive 40L backpack might sound like a brilliant idea because of all the stuff you can fit in there but fast forward a few weeks and you’ll be cursing yourself for doing so. Hiking up a mountain with an additional 20kgs doesn’t sound like happiness and joy. 

How to avoid over packing: Pack the bare minimum. There are heaps of amazing posts that detail what you should and shouldn’t pack when travelling. Use those as guidelines whenever you pack. If you find you under packed, you can always buy more clothes at your destination. 

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Not Doing Any Research About the Place You’re Going
I’ve found from talking with various individuals that they often pick a travel destination based off one thing. They know they want to see (insert sightseeing place here) but they don’t put any further planning into what they want to do. While rarely this can be a good thing, most of the time you end up rather bored or scrambling to find something to do. 

How to avoid having nothing to do: Research the city before leaving. Find a couple activities or sights that peak your interest. Once there, you can get more information from locals to fill up your trip. 

Being Too Ambitious With Your Travel Plans
I am 100% guilty of this. I try to pack as much as I can into one trip because I have a massive fear I’ll miss out on something. It ends up making the trip incredibly stressful whenever a hiccup in the plans happen. 

How to avoid being too ambitious with travel plans: You definitely can plan the heck out of your trip. Plan till the cows come home. But use this plan as a guideline. Prepare yourself to have to cut some of the places from the plan. 

Taking Cash Out At the Wrong Places
I used to be the person who would take money from the ATM or out at the airport. Doing this makes you susceptible to fraud and getting slammed with fees.

How to avoid paying super high withdrawal fees: I’ve found you get the best exchange rate when you take money out from a bank. Prior to your departure, try to find a bank that is close to where you plan on staying. If you’re unable to do so, swapping currency at the airport is the next best option. 

Sticking To Tourist Areas
This tends to be the problem with guidebooks, you get sent to touristy areas. If at one point they were not that touristy, millions of people reading about it and going there have made it touristy.

How to avoid tourist traps: Ask at your hotel where they recommend. Tell them you want to avoid typical tourist restaurants. I’ve gotten some amazing recommendations this way. 

Keeping All Your Money in One Place
People call me paranoid, but I’ve always separated my money and credit cards while travelling. Imagine you’re out enjoying the new city you’re in and bam! Someone comes and pickpockets you or flat out robs you. You’ve kept all your money with you in your wallet thinking this was the safest place. Now, what?

How to avoid potentially losing all your money: Split up where you keep your money. I’m not going to detail how and where I split up all my money but just don’t keep it all in the same place. I’ve also seen people make some amazing decoy wallets. I would highly recommend buying a travel purse that can be placed under your shirt. You’ll definitely notice if someone is sticking their hand down your top. 

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Not Keeping Copies of Important Documents
It can happen to anyone. You could be travelling and misplace your passport. You could arrive at a hotel and they claim you never booked a reservation. This leaves you stranded, stuck, and potentially forking out a lot more money you didn’t originally budget. 

How to avoid this mishap: Always carry copies of your travel documents. Not one carry around heaps of paper (especially if you’re on a longer trip), email copies of all important documents to yourself and your family/friends. This way, if you find yourself in a bad situation you have backups. 

Not Purchasing Travel Insurance
You never think you need it until you’re stuck in a country after a natural disaster finding that you now need to rebook a new flight at your own cost. 

How to avoid this mishap: Just spend the like $8 needed to get travel insurance. If you want to get a full coverage insurance, DO YOUR RESEARCH! Not all policies are created equal. If you’re prone to getting sick, make sure you have a policy that will cover you. Your bank account will thank you later. 

Not Respecting the Culture of the Country You’re In
I watched this happen so many times throughout my travels. I hate to say it but some of the biggest offenders are Americans who have never left the country. Not only does it make you really stand out as a tourist but it can land you in a whole heap of trouble. 

How to avoid disrespecting another culture: Do a fair bit of research about the culture prior to your travels. In some cultures, it is highly offensive to tip. Sometimes you can be jailed for chewing gum or eating durian. There is a great book Kiss, Bow, or Handshake that a friend of mine introduced me to that is a great basic cheat sheet for international travels. 

Not Double Checking Dates Before Booking
Oh, how I’ve made this mistake time and time again. I’m known for not looking at how the calendar on the website is written and booking a day early or a day late. It can be incredibly confusing when you’re booking a trip in a country that writes the date day/month/year and you come from a country that writes the date month/day/year. 

How to avoid mixing up your travel dates: General rule of thumb, if you’re travelling outside of the US, chances are the dates are written day/month/year. Also, double and triple check before you press buy. Make sure you don’t make the same mistakes I have and book a trip for Saturday when you meant Sunday. 

Every trip will come with its hiccups so it's best to be as prepared as possible. How many of these travel mistakes have you made? 

And until next time...

Stay Curious!

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35 Random Thoughts Every Traveller Has On Holiday

Thursday, 13 October 2016
Every traveller has a million thoughts racing through their head while they travel. Personally, travelling is when I get some of my best thinking in. On my most recent trip, I could help but laugh at some of the things that ran through my head. So here are my 30 random thoughts I hope every traveller can relate to:

1. What in the world am I supposed to pack?

2. It feels like my entire wardrobe is in this bloody suitcase!!

3. What if I didn’t pack enough clothes?

4. Alright, time to plan on how to get to the airport where I’m not waiting around for ages but I’m not so stressed out I barely make my flight.

5. OH MY GOD! There’s traffic! I’m totally going to miss my flight!

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6. Woohoo! I made it...and I now have 2.5 hours to kill at the airport.

7. Can I get knocked back from my flight if I drink too much?

8. Please for the love of god let me get a window or an aisle seat.

9. Please, no middle seat. Please, no middle seat. Please, no middle seat.

10. Maybe the middle seat won’t be that bad.

11. Do these two people not know proper middle seat etiquette? The person in the middle seat ALWAYS gets both armrests.

12. This isn’t so bad. I’ll just wrap myself up like a burrito and sleep through this flight.

13. And my neighbour is sleeping on me...I guess I won’t be sleeping. I’ll binge watch Parks and Rec instead.

14. Yay!!! I’ve made it!! This is so exciting!!

15. *Sees the customs line* Welp...I’ve almost made it!

16. What happens if I didn’t file my visa properly?

17. What if it isn’t actually visa on arrival?

18. What happens if I get detained and thrown into prison even though I haven’t done anything wrong?

19. Success! Time to go explore this new and exciting country.

20. This is so exciting!

21. I want to see everything!

22. Oh, look! That’s pretty!

23. I love the accent here.

24. Wait a minute...I’m the one with an accent!

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25. I can do this! I can do this!

26. I don’t ever want this trip to end!

27. Is it bad if I have a drink every day?

28. Heck No! I'm on holiday. I'll drink as much as I want.

29. I've eaten so much food. But it's all so good!

30. I wonder if I'd be able to cook this all at home? Probably not. I'm not that talented.

31. There are so many incredible people here.

32. Oh no! It’s almost time to go home I’m not ready.

33. Thank heaven it’s almost time to go home. I’m broke and I miss my (Insert what you miss).

34. I can’t believe how wonderful everything was. That was such an amazing trip.

35. Where can I go next? I'm ready to go on holiday again!

Have you ever had these thought while travelling? Share some of the random thoughts you've had while travelling below!

And until next time...
Stay Curious!

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26 Awesome Travel Memories Every Traveller Should Have

I happened to stumble upon Thirty30Courtney’s ABC’s of Travel Memories the other day. She read the post from Sea Salt Secrets and I’m very happy she did. I absolutely feel in love with the post as soon as I started reading it. I just had to participate and share my own travel memories. 

Here Goes:

A: Age You Went on Your First International Trip: As my entire family resides in Detroit, I’ve travelled to Canada frequently. But I’m not going to count this nor will I count trips to Mexico. I was 24 when I went on my first international trip where I received a stamp on my passport. 

B: Best Foreign Beer You’ve Had & Where: Honestly, some of the best beer I’ve had was from some of the microbreweries in San Diego. I had some good beers while I was in London but I can’t remember the names.

C: Cuisine [Favourite]: Mexican and Thai. 

D: Destination
 [Favourite]: This is tough. I fell in love with Borneo, Chiang Mai, Cambodia, and obviously Australia as I fully intend to stay here. 
[Least]: I hate to say this, but I wasn’t overly crazy about Vietnam. I’ll go back eventually but not anytime soon.

E: Experiences That Made You Say WOW: Angkor Temples and the Colosseum.

F: Favourite Mode of Transport: Flying (budget permitting) as it gives me more time to explore.

G: Greatest Feeling While Traveling: Learning. I love to learn about new cultures, how things were made, differences between modern society and ancient societies, etc. It’s so amazing to expand my horizons.

H: Hottest Place You’ve Ever Travelled: It was super hot in Vietnam. Most places didn’t have air cons and if they did, it didn’t really help.

I: Incredible Service You’ve Experience: On Mataking Island. There was only one place to eat on the island but they were super accommodating with my food allergies. They always asked if I enough food choices and if I wanted them to make anything else. 

J: Journey That Took the Longest: Probably my flights between Melbourne and California. 15ish hours on a plane is a long time. 

K: Keepsake From Your Travels: I used to get a little statue from everywhere I travelled. I soon found the stuff tended to lose its meaning over time. Now, I choose my favourite photograph I take while overseas and have it printed on canvas so that I can hang it up around the house. 

L: Let-Down Sight, Where & Why: Ho Chi Minh City. I had heard so many wonderful things but the trip started out on a negative note so it made it pretty hard to recover after.

M: Moment You Fell In Love With Travel: I’ve always loved travelling. I travelled a lot around the US but originally thought I needed to see more of the US before I really travelled internationally. My mum took me on a trip to London, Paris, and Rome and this was when I absolutely fell in love with travelling the world. 

N: Nicest Hotel You’ve Stayed In: Either the Shangri-La in Borneo or the Intercontinental in San Francisco. 

O: Obsession- What Do You Take Photo’s of While Travelling: I’m pretty obsessed with nature. I LOVE photographing waterfalls. 

P: Passport Stamps- How Many & Where?: I haven’t gotten a stamp from every country I’ve visited (which makes me really sad. I want a stamp even if I don’t need a visa). I think I have 12: England, France, Australia, Indonesia (x2), Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand (x3), Vietnam. 

Q: Quirkiest Attraction You’ve Visited: Some of the Giant Objects Australia has (Like the Giant Koala and Giant Pineapple).

R: Really Frightening- A Place That Made You Feel Uneasy: Seems to be a reoccurring theme, but Vietnam. I wasn’t frightened, I just always felt like I was on guard. 

S: Splurge- Something You Have No Problem Spending on While Traveling: Food or wine. 

T: Touristy Thing You’ve Done: Seeing baby tigers in Thailand. 

U: Unforgettable Travel Memory: Getting kissed by a baby elephant while visiting an elephant rescue centre in Thailand.

V: Visa- How Many and for Where?: Australia and Vietnam were prior to travel. The rest were visa on arrival.

W: Wine- Best Taste of Wine While Travelling and Where?: OMG, the wine I had in Italy. Molto Buono! 

X: eXcellent Views: Pretty much anywhere that has overlooked the ocean. Mataking Island is definitely top 5. 

Y: Years Spent Travelling: Internationally...4 years. 

Z: Zealous Sports Fan: Massive Red Wings fan. I rock my hat, top or jersey whilst travelling. 

Everyone has some amazing travel memories. Pick a few letters from the list and share yours in the comments below! 

And until next time...
Stay Curious!

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