Lessons I Learned From Blogtober

Friday, 4 November 2016
I knew partaking in Blogtober would be a serious challenge, but I was not ready for the stress that trying to write a new blog per day entailed. From the simple “Did I write a new blog every day” standpoint, it is safe to say that Blogtober was a massive fail. Out of 31 days, I only managed to write 17 posts.

When I started to look back at previous months, I found that maybe I didn’t completely fail at Blogtober. I was able to take away many positives from undertaking this challenge.

Highest Blog Traffic
This month was the highest traffic my blog has ever had. Not only were more people reading my blog, but I was also getting more engagement. Not all of it was completely organic as I did join a few Facebook groups to help grow your social media but I did have people who weren’t in the group commenting on my blog! It was super exciting to watch engagement grow.

Allowing Myself to Be More Creative
In the past, I felt like I was putting myself in a box when it came to my writing. You’ll read everywhere that you have to “find your niche” and to “stick to your niche” but personally, I didn’t realise how much that impacted my creativity. I wasn’t worried about sticking strictly to travel stories and tips. I also remembered that I started documenting my health and fitness journey. It allowed me to write some more in regards to health and fitness.

Time Management
By even attempting the challenge I was able to actually understand how to best manage my time to stay on top of my blogging. It helped me figure out that I want to take my blog more seriously. Because of Blogtober, I’ve now given myself timelines to finish posts, I’ve made to-do lists to ensure everything gets done, and I’ve started to dedicate time each day specifically to improving my blog.

By failing, I’ve learned to be more flexible. Instead of being upset and beating myself up when I was unable to write a post, I simply used it as motivation to continue writing. It didn’t make me a bad person for failing; the world didn’t end. Life just got in the way. It’s important to note that there are times in our life where it is SUPER important to step back from our work and focus all our energy on ensuring our mental and physical state is ok. During October, I needed to time to make sure I was ok. If I wasn’t functioning properly, how in the heck could I expect myself to write.

Just because I wasn’t able to write 31 posts in 31 days, this does not mean I completely failed. I learned so much from just from attempting the challenge.  Have you ever taken on a difficult challenge before? How did you fair? I'd love to hear your stories in the comments below!

And until next time...

Stay Curious!

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  1. Just attempting the Blogtober is a huge undertaking. I decided not to try it this year, but definitely will next year. I would definitely love more traffic to my blog.

  2. Hi Stephanie!

    Thanks for following me on our Blog! I would like to return the kind favor and follow you on this blog, correct? I don't see a follow section, so I'll just contact you and would you then tell me how to respond on here...thanks!
    Linda B

  3. I'll have to take a look at this next year as well. I usually only do 5-7 blog post per month. Great job trying to reach that 31 .

    With Love Rochelle