3 Simple Steps to Avoiding Jet Lag

Travelling to a new country is exciting. The last thing anyone wants to do is spend the first few days of their trip struggling to adjust to their new time zone. Long haul travel can be especially hard to quickly adapt. Seats are small and uncomfortable. The person in 28A wants to get out and use the bathroom every 2 hours when you’re trying to get some sleep. If you’re like me, finances do not allow for a luxury first class seat on transoceanic flights (unless by god’s graces I’ve managed to get an upgrade).

After a lot of trial and error, so much error, I have finally found the solution to jet lag. I now have it down to a routine science. In the past, I would go a few days without sleeping, down a couple sleeping pills, and pray for the best. This NEVER worked for me. Relaxing in an economy seat when you’re 5’10” is not the easiest task. Over years of travelling, I've slowly started to find ways to make the trip less miserable.

STEP 1: Stay Awake!
This may seem entirely counter-productive, but it’s not! It’s important to check the time zone you’re flying into and sync your body to that time. One of the biggest struggles I have is ensuring I stay awake the first 4 hours of the flight. Most of my flights from Australia to the US leave around midnight. I’m usually pretty dang tired by then. But I have to stay awake so that I sleep during the time zone appropriate hours. There’s a couple of ways I do this:
1. Watch a movie or a tv show.
2. Write a blog post or edit photos.
3. Aeroplane spa day.
4. Wait for the food because wine...duh!
All these things help keep me awake a little while longer and make sleep slightly more magical.

STEP 2: Spa de Aeroplane
Call me crazy. Give me all the dirty looks you like. But I WILL make the most out of my 14-hour hell on an airplane. This means taking care of myself. I don’t know about you, but my skin gets wrecked on a plane. I will walk off the plane with more cracks than a dried up lake bed. It’s not cute and makes me look exhausted even if I’m well rested. So I created Spa de Aeroplane. TREAT YO SELF! I always bring: an essential oil (my current favourite is this fantastic travel* blend), a face mask, and an ultra hydrating skin cream. I love putting the essential oil in a pair of moisturising socks and letting my feet heal and my body detox throughout the flight. Such heaven! Also….drink heaps of water!!!

Treat Yo Self Plane Edition!

STEP 3: The Vitamin Kick
I’ve literally tried everything under the sun. Not sleeping, melatonin, sleeping pills, anti-anxiety pills, etc. and NOTHING worked for me! NOTHING! I had seriously begun to accept the fact that jet lag would be a major part of any holiday. Then I was recommended these three beauties. Just two little vitamins and an all natural energy drink* and I’m ready to go. I recommend taking the vitamins* with your morning meal. This will help focus your brain and give you the endurance* you need to power through the day without any major crashes. I save the energy drink until I’m starting to lag. Within 15 minutes, I have an excellent boost of energy that helps get me through the rest of my day. HOLY CRAP it’s literally changed my life and the way I fly.
Say goodbye to jetlag forever!
It may not be the most luxurious sleep or spa day but I swear, it helps so much! I used to be super self-conscious of the looks I would get when I put the face mask on. Now, I couldn’t care less. 14 hours in economy is never a picnic so why should I care what others think if I’m making those 14 hours a little less miserable?  I’ve used this method quite a few times, and every time I get to enjoy the most of my holiday. Give it a go the next time you travel overseas and let me know if it works for you!

Do you have other methods of kicking jet lag? Share them below!

And until next time...
Stay Curious!

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  1. Holy cow, i wish i could afford those! I haven't been on a plane since i was 12, so jet lag wasn't really the reason i went to check out the products after reading this. I've been looking into working as a flight attendant, so this caught my eye. But what brought me to the product page was just that i've been super laggy in general lately, and haven't been able to get myself back to a normal energy level, or sleep schedule for that matter.
    Seems worth it for the occasional flight though!

    1. I use them in my day to day life as well and they have been life savers! It is a bit pricey which is unfortunate but if I had to choose a go to one of the three I would definitely choose the endurance vitamin. I never get that crash during the day. Whilst I may feel tired, I don't go through the waves that I normally would if I had a coffee, energy drink, or other sugary treats.

  2. These are excellent tips. The staying awake is hard for me LOL even on an hour flight. I will keep these tips in mind on my next trip!

    1. I'm the exact opposite. I struggle to sleep on planes. I've really only been able to sleep during excessive turbulence.

  3. Wow, I have never thought of the spa. It sounds like something I can adapt. There's no fun having jet lag. Instead of enjoying the moments, freaking difference in body clock creeps in. Thanks for sharing. I would have to bring my lavender essential oil with me always.

    1. I felt funny the first couple of times I did it but now, I don't care. It seriously saves me every flight! Flying dehydrates you so much, finding something that works for your body is super important.