Power Through Challenging Activities: Tips for Completing Your Run

Thursday, 10 August 2017
Everyone has certain things in their life that they dislike doing. Whether it's going to work, cooking, cleaning, tolerating children, or working out, we all have things we struggle doing. For me, it has and always will be running. I find it dull, boring, and for the most part, a huge waste of time. It's consistently been the only form of cardio I struggle to complete. But for some reason, I force myself to go on runs anyways. 

There are numerous articles written about finding exercises you enjoy because there is a higher probability you'll complete them. For the most part, I agree with these articles. It is so much easier to wake up early when I know I have a workout I enjoy. I love making the time for dance and yoga classes. These workouts get me excited about fitness. Running, however, sounds just about as appetising as eating deep fried spiders. Not my cup of tea. Forcing myself to go on runs has helped me grow as a person. So why do I continue to put myself through this kind of torture? 

Running has been a great way to reinforce the notion that in life: there will be times I have to participate in things I do not want to do or do not like. We all have been placed in a school group where we didn't get along with everyone, been given a project we're not overly thrilled about, or had to go to events that weren't something we enjoyed. By forcing yourself to partake in these activities, you're helping condition yourself to be able to survive these times (with minimal whinging). While running, I've found that HIIT or active recovery runs tend to keep me motivated throughout the entire run. When I'm feeling extremely unmotivated, I often will open the Zombies, RUN! App and RUN FOR MY LIFE! Hearing zombies breathing over your shoulder tends to boost the motivation levels. But most importantly, I set a goal, and I push forward to achieve this aim.

My diary would make the US President cry there are so many meetings, activities, and work scheduled into every day. If you're anything like me, planning a run into your day is an excellent way to give yourself some forced alone time. Depending on the time, I am either able to prepare myself for the day ahead or process the events that happened. It's a time to shut off my brain, organise my thoughts, and enjoy nature. Occasionally, if my day is super busy, I'll run while listening to an audiobook. This way I feel doubly productive. 

While there are many cardiovascular activities I could do to keep me healthy, they are not always free. Running is a great, free way to get in shape and stay healthy. No matter the weather, you're always able to step out your front door and go for a run. 

There are a few ways to help make your runs a bit more enjoyable: 

1. Make a great playlist. Finding music that is motivating to you will help keep you on track throughout your run. Need a few new songs to add to your workout playlist? Try looking HERE

2. Run with your dog. My dog is the most motivating running partner on the planet. If your doggy is a firecracker like Archer, take them on the run. You'll both benefit from the exercise. 

3. Change your running route. Each day try a different way. This way you'll be looking at new scenery, and it won't become monotonous. 

4. Join a running group or download a training App. This will help keep you motivated throughout the run. I've found that running with other people helps me during tempo runs and Aaptiv Running App really helps keep me on track when I'm running solo.

I may despise running, but I enjoy the benefits I receive from completing a run. I end up feeling better about myself and more motivated to tackle more challenging tasks. What do you continue to do that you dislike? Have any tips for running? Share them in the comments below.

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  1. I love running, but I find it helpful to meet up with a friend so we can go for a run together. That way we can have a chat and get in a workout at the same time.

  2. I really need to start running again! My dog loves it but right now it is so darn hot!!

  3. I hate running too. I will also add going to the gym to this list :) but it is true that the benefits are numerous and we have to incorporate it in our every day life.