My 2018 Travel Wist List

Friday, 22 December 2017
I've changed my approach to how was I going to write this post. I have two bucket list travel posts planned for 2018 and wasn't sure if it was necessary to do three. I know this is my travel wish list, but I think I'm going to use this post to plan my travels realistically for 2018. My schedule continually makes me question my sanity. I want to be able to travel during 2018, but I want to be smart about it. Adding more stress from travel would be an unhealthy thing for me. So I've come up with one destination per month that I think is attainable. Here is my 2018 Travel List (in no particular order):

Wilsons Prom
This is another quick little day trip from Melbourne. It would probably be better spent on a lovely weekend getaway camping with the pupper if time allows. This is another destination I've wanted to visit since moving to Melbourne but always put it off.  

A couple years ago, my best friend and I decided we would go to Fiji for our 30th. Thanks to the delay in my visa getting approved, we weren't able to schedule that trip. It would seem the universe wants me to visit Fiji this year because I have an extended layover in Nadi and fully intend to explore the island with my time. 

Phantom Falls Walk
Waterfall hikes are totally my jam. I love the uniqueness of every falls. In Victoria, the walk to the falls can often be just as beautiful.  Another great aspect of this trail, it's located extremely close to the Great Ocean Road. It seems like it would be a nice little stop on a Great Ocean Road adventure! 

Giant Ned Kelly
About three hours outside of Melbourne, you will find a giant statue of Ned Kelly. Australia seems to have a thing for giant statues, but this one looks like the most fun to visit. I had only briefly heard of Kelly before moving to Australia. Since living here, I've wanted to find out more. Something about his story reminds me of the old wild west back in the US. 

I WILL get to Cairns this year so help me God. I've been living in Australia for almost 4 years now and have yet to visit. If you haven't visited Cairns are you even Australian?

Grampians National Park
I briefly went to the Grampians about a year ago. However, the Grampians is a vast national park with so much more to explore. I will definitely need to make another trip to enjoy this national park a bit more. 

New Zealand
This is another trip that is so close to Australia, it makes little sense that I have not visited yet. There are always fantastic flight deals to New Zealand, and I want to see where the hobbits are from. Plus having a few friends in New Zealand gives me an excellent excuse to visit. 

Kinglake National Park
In case you haven't guessed yet, I'm big on nature. Hiking, swimming, exploring are all my jam. It's rare that I will go on holiday and want to sit and relax. Even on remote islands, I want to be swimming and snorkelling with the fishes and doing laps of the island. There are so many amazing national parks in Victoria, you could go hiking every weekend if you wanted! I need to start exploring more!

Hanging Rock 
Up near Mount Macedon, there's a unique little rock formation named Hanging Rock. While the hike to the summit is relatively short, there are many unique features about this rock formation that draw people annually. Most of Mount Macedon is pup friendly which is why Hanging Rock has made my list. 

The US
I think its due time I made a proper trip back home. I've planned a long trip back to the US for 2018. It will be nice to see friends and family and hopefully explore the US a little. I still haven't done the Hollywood sign hike. Hopefully, I'll have some time between catching up with family and friends to explore a little bit. 

Tower Hill 
Another nature expedition, Tower Hill is located a fair bit outside of Melbourne, but you can still manage to make a day trip out of it. This wildlife reserve is the remnants of a, now inactive, volcano. There are 5 different walks which means there's plenty of adventure!

Swan Hill 
This may seem like a childish place to want to visit, but Swan Hill looks adorable to me. Every time one of the kiddos I work with mentions Swan Hill, it reminds me of a tiny mining town named Columbia in California. Growing up we used to go on field trips here frequently. It is still a place I love to explore so Swan Hill seems like it would be right up my alley.  

It doesn't seem like much, but with my schedule, this is pretty attainable. Who knows, maybe I'll be able to add a few overseas destinations this year. If money wasn't an option, where would you travel in 2018? Share your top travel destination in the comments below. 

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