Sunday...Sessions? The Subtle Differences Between the US and Australia

Thursday, 14 June 2018
It would appear that most people I know have spent the weekend in either Hawaii or Vegas. I must admit, this is one of the few times I've "missed" home. By this I mean, I miss the relaxed atmosphere of Sunday Funday (especially during football season). I miss spending the day with friends enjoying cheap food and even cheaper drinks. By the end of my stay in San Diego, I developed a bit of a routine: wake up, go surfing with Keshia, protein style double single with grilled onion, then meeting up with Steff and Lauren in PB for some wild ruckus. So, in turn, comes another list of differences between AUS and the USA. 

Sunday Funday vs. Sunday Sessions 
There really isn't a big difference between the two. In the States, Sunday Funday consists of going out with friends (normally for bottomless mimosas brunch, then followed with continued shenanigans). It is usually at its peak during football season as you have a whole day to watch the amazing sport. In AUS, Sunday Sessions consist of relaxing at a friends house, drinking, and BBQing. My final vote: DRAW. Nothing beats day drinking by the beach, watching football, dirt cheap food and beverages, and hanging out with friends. However, there are definite times that chilling at a mates house, cooking good food and drinking just makes a sound end to a weekend. 
Bottomless Mimosas & Build Your Own Bloody Mary's
Football vs. Footy 
I miss having my Sunday's consist of Football. I've grown up pretty much addicted to football and hockey. I firmly believed that football was the sport of men requiring physical agility, mental quickness, and overall badassness. I was craving a sport similar to that knowing I would be confined to football updates or waking up at 4 am on a Monday to get my NFL fix. Then, the beautiful sport of Aussie football was introduced to me. This sport is like hockey and rugby had a baby. And this baby was the most badass, kick-ass baby of a sport. Needless to say, I'm addicted. Still, don't understand all the rules but I'm ok with that. My final vote: FOOTY. Sorry, 'Merica but seeing as hockey is my favourite sport, it is no wonder I'm drawn so much to Footy. After this year's disgrace of a Superbowl, the constant hypocrisy of the NFL, and the fact I have to get up at 4 am to watch the Lions, I'll hold out for the updates on the games. But I will always be a Lions fan! 
Preseason Football/Postseason Footy
4th of July vs. Australia Day 
I thought the holidays would be quite different. However, there are heaps of similarities. In both AUS and the US family and friends gather together to celebrate their country. Similarities: Red, White, and Blue; barbecues; basking in the hot summer sun, and celebrating one's country. Differences: Green and Yellow; an excessive pride in one's country. My final vote: USA! Sorry AUS, the one thing Americans have on you is country pride. Yes, there are some bad Americans (just as there are bad Australians), but I'm proud to say at least one day of the year Americans can all get a little crazy and celebrate the country we call home with a flamboyant amount of pride.  
Last 4th in the US
To Tailgate or Not to Tailgate
Tailgating is a magical experience where people gather before a sporting event to share food, drink, and memories. The general rule is that if you're wearing the same jersey as fellow tailgaters, you're welcome to join their tailgate party (and them to yours). I would have thought the Aussies would be all over tailgating. Due to alcohol permits and zoning, it just doesn't happen. I've also had a few Aussies say that tailgating could be the worst thing to happen as you don't need to give Aussies further excuses to drink. This happens to be a concept I can't quite wrap my head around. I still think tailgating should be allowed at any and all sporting events...worldwide.  My final vote: 'MERICA WITH THE TAILGATE.   
Superbowl and Grand Final
Drinking for Holidays vs. Drinking
I've noticed that Americans use any holiday as an excuse to party whereas Aussies just party. They don't need an excuse to have a good time with their mates. I'm not entirely sure how Australians can afford to drink. Yes, there are higher wages here, but the prices of alcohol are crazy. I know quite a few people who party on a nightly basis, and I'm not sure how their liver or wallet allows them too. I thought drinking in the US was expensive. Overall, as long as you have fun...who cares! Just be responsible...PLEASE don't drink and drive! My final vote: ?? I'm honestly not too sure on this one. Maybe it's my age; maybe I'm "maturing," but drinking in excess just doesn't sound enticing to me anymore. Although, I do love any excuse to dress in theme. 

Yes, that man took off his pants and started rapping.

Yea... I just needed to throw this one in because I miss going to the shooting range and let's be the honest...that picture is pretty badass! My final vote: AUS for the win. I definitely enjoy not wondering what strangers are packing on the train.

Pew! Pew!

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  1. As an Australian, this post did give me a giggle aha. I've only learned of tailgating recently and the concept sounds cool? I guess? I don't know, I've never experienced it ahha. I think I need to get myself over to U.S.A. for sure! :) x

    1. It is definitely so much fun! If you're ever in the states, be sure to go to a sporting event so that you can experience it. It's such a great way to meet new people and bond closer with your friends.

  2. eek i love this so much! ive always wanted to go to australia! :)

    1. I hope you get the opportunity to come out to Australia some day! It's pretty awesome here.

  3. This is a fun comparison! I'm American so I can definitely appreciate how we do have a good life in many ways... but Australia has some pretty fun things too!

    1. Absolutely! It's been a great opportunity getting to experience both cultures and compare the two.