17 Aussie Foods You Need to Try

Sunday, 9 September 2018
When I first moved to Australia, I often found myself wondering if any foods were distinctly Aussie. Whenever anyone asks me about American cuisine, everything that pops into my head has a Mexican flare to it. Living in California, it's not surprising there is a massive Mexican influence on our foods. 

As some Aussies descend from the Brits, I knew there would be a strong British influence on their food but was unsure if there would be anything that was distinctly different. I was pleasantly surprised to find a number of foods that are true blue Aussie. 

1. Weet-Bix
Weet-Bix is to Australia as Wheaties is to the US. Weet-Bix is the breakfast of champions here in Australia. Every little kiddo (that I've met) loves to have it for brekkie. I'm not the biggest fan, but it definitely is a food you must try while in Australia. 

2. Vegemite
Vegemite is an iconic Aussie food. Many American's and other foreign visitors might be turned off by this remarkable food. It's not Nutella so do not eat it as such. You're gonna have a bad time. 

Just spread a tiny amount on some toast with butter, and you'll be in Aussie brekkie heaven. If you wanna up your vegemite toast game, add avocado and melted cheese! My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

3. Fairy Bread
This Australian party treat will allow your inner child to let loose! Yes, fairy bread typically tends to be geared towards children but who says adult can't enjoy it as well? 

4. Chiko Roll
The Australian version of an egg roll, the Chiko Roll is a nostalgic Aussie treat beloved by most. They can be found at most servo stations and even some milk bars. You have to give them a go at least once whilst in Australia. 

5. Kangaroo
Did you know this adorable animal actually is an incredibly healthy lean meat? As kangaroo levels continue to climb, kangaroo has become more widely available. Many restaurants will have kangaroo dishes, and you can always find heaps of cuts at the market. If you enjoy gamier meats like buffalo or venison, you'll be sure to enjoy kangaroo! 

6. Sausage Rolls
Every sporting event, every party, and even every shop sells sausage rolls. Sausage rolls are a super iconic Aussie food. They're a quick, easy meal perfect for someone on the go! 

7. Meat Pies
Yes, meat pies may be British, but Australian culture has taken them over and adapted it as their own. These hand-sized meals are super easy to eat anywhere. No cutlery required! Just slap a little tomato sauce on the top and enjoy!

8. Chicken Parma
I polled a lot of my Aussie friends asking which food they most associated with Australia. Overwhelmingly, chicken parma was the top response. Even though it is an American dish, Aussies have made it their own. It can be found at every pub. You'll definitely get the bang for your buck! The portions are massive! 

9. Flake
In most Aussie fish n chip shops, flake is the most popular option. But did you know flake is actually shark? Yup, most Aussie fish n chips are shark. That doesn't stop Aussies from absolutely loving it. It definitely is a signature Aussie food. 

10. Aussie Burger
This isn't your typical burger. It has heaps of extra awesomeness to make it a burger you must try! Aussies love to throw beetroot and egg onto a standard cheeseburger. The additional ingredients blend so well together, your mouth will be in burger heaven!

11. ANZAC Biscuits
This crunchy biscuit is a long time favourite Australian is rooted in history. These biscuits were made and sold at fundraisers to help raise money for the war efforts. Many Aussie's will tell you that these bikkies were sent from women to the soldiers fighting in WWI. This tasty is now sold at shops around the country and is a reminder of the sacrifice ANZAC soldiers have made. 

12. Tim Tams
Never have I ever tasted a biscuit more addictive than Tim Tams. These true blue Aussie treats will leave you wishing you had more. You must try this lovely treat during any Aussie holiday. 

13. Pavlova
Aussie's and Kiwi's will debate who is the originator of this wonderful dessert, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be at the top of your must-have Aussie foods. This delightful dessert with fresh fruit will leave you in a happy sugar coma. 

14. Golden Gay Times
If you're visiting Australia during the summer, this ice cream treat will help you beat the heat. Go for a swim in the ocean then kick back and enjoy a well-deserved treat.

15. Lamingtons
The Australian (Kiwi's try to claim this one as well) culinary icon consisting of a sponge cake dipped in chocolate and coconut is a dream dessert. These treats are often sold at school fundraisers, similar to chocolate chip cookies or brownies back in the US. They're really good so be sure to try them!

16. Vanilla Slice
Again, this isn't exactly an Aussie dessert, but they definitely claim it as their own. It's a quick, easy to make dessert that can be found in most cafes. Treat yo self to a cup of coffee and this yummy treat! 

17. Cherry Ripe
This candy bar is filled with all kinds of yummy goodness. Bits of cherries and coconut dipped in chocolate, it's no wonder this is one of the top selling chocolate bars in Australia. You can find Cherry Ripes in literally every servo and convenience store. It would be impossible to miss out on this treat while in Australia. 

Wanting to eat even more like an Aussie? Cook a lovely lamb roast on a Sunday. Sunday roasts are a massive must when in Australia. Almost every pub will have a roast special on Sundays. Chuck in some pumpkin, potatoes, carrots, and onions and you've got yourself a phenomenal meal to end your weekend. 

Which of these Aussie foods have you tried? Which were your favourite?

And until next time...
Stay curious! 


  1. What a salivating menus... It's unfortunate that I haven't been to Australia.

    But I hope to be there in the nearest future so I can try out most of this mouth watering delicacies.

    I'd love to see another list of real foods. All these are junks tho'

    1. It's unfortunate you feel that way. While yes there are a quite a few desserts listed, foods like kangaroo and vegemite are actually incredibly healthy and good for you.

  2. I have been eating Weeta Bix since I was a child. I didnt now it was Australian thing. It is my favorite breakfast especially on cold mornings.

  3. Never been to australia, but if i had to choose one of them, then i am totally down for chicken parma. That looks so delicious.

  4. Most of the foods on here we have in the UK and absolutely love it them but now i want kangaroo meet

  5. I did tried meat pies and sausage rolls before, as they are quite common in the UK. I would love to try the pavlova through, I know it's quite popular around the world but I've never had it.

  6. I have had Weetabix and love them. I do want to try the Vegemite but not the kangaroo.

  7. I always love to try new things, so I'm open to tasting all of these. My kids would especially like that fairy bread. That vanilla slice looks good too!

  8. I've heard of vegemite, but not sure if it's sweet or salty? Would be curious to find out the ingredients as well.

  9. These all look so delicious and tempting. I am vegan and so therefore I would like to try a vegan option of all of these -- if there is any out there.

  10. I love australia. But I didn't tried australian foods. I want to eat the chiken parma and kangaroo meet now.

  11. Tim Tams is my favorite chocolate. the rest I will check this out. it looks so yummy and Delicious.

  12. I have to be honest- ever since I heard of vegemite, I've been super curious to try it. Trying kangaroo might be interesting!

  13. So many amazing foods! Some I have never even hear dof. I would love to go there someday its just so far from me.

  14. These sound amazing! I would try each and every one of them for sure!

  15. So many amazing foods, I love to try different types of meals

  16. Sausage rolls, meat pies, chicken parma and vanilla slice. Got it! We are planning a trip to Australia and it's going to be a big food trip for us :D

  17. Tim Tams is my favorite chocolate! Glad there is a store here that sells that. I am so curious about the Vegemite, but I think I won't like it. lol!

  18. I've never heard of most of these foods, nor tried them. Kangaroo meat - not sure I could eat that! :( I have had chicken parmesan (a favorite for hubby and me), and variations of sausage biscuits and meat pies, but not specifically the Aussie version.

  19. Yummy yummy yummy foods. this is so tempting. will try out some. thanks for sharing.

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