The Ultimate Travel Blog Challenge

Saturday, 1 September 2018
I always love a good challenge. It helps push me past my comfort zone and really see what I'm capable of. When I saw the Travel Bloggers Club was hosting a blogging challenge at first, I thought there would be no way I could enter it. I'm overseas for work, so I don't always have access to my computer or time to write. After marinating on the idea, I decided I would give it a go! 

The Challenge
Why did I choose to start a blogging challenge while overseas for work? Because I wanted to push myself as a writer and a blogger. I know that when I travel abroad, my content tends to slip. I prioritise taking a break from continually connecting on social media and allow myself to enjoy the moment. I prefer to enjoy my holiday then write about everything once I'm back home. 

However, I have about 55 half-written posts in my draft folder that I have yet to complete. I have found I push myself when I'm being held accountable. Challenges work for me. I recently did a challenge in July that thoroughly challenged me and my outlook on my blog. I know that this challenge will be highly beneficial for me. Plus I'll get to deliver as much content as possible throughout September! 

Over the next month, I'll share travel tips on how to make the most out of a long layover, how to pack in less than 30 mins (with only a carry on), and some of my favourite places around Melbourne. If there are specific travel questions you've been dying to have answered, ask in the comment section or on Adventures in Aussieland's Facebook or Twitter, and I'll be sure to address them!

A Bit About Me
Why do you love travelling?
I love travelling because it gives me the opportunity to understand my fellow man. Everybody comes from a different background, but that doesn't mean that some people are better than others. Getting to experience the perspective of another culture is one of the greatest gifts one can get. 

Where is your favourite place to travel to?
I feel like this is a hard question to answer. I would have to say the States. Simply because it's where my family is. I love getting to go back and share my travels with my favourite tiny humans! 

What is your #1 travel tip for saving money?
OOO I have a bunch! If you want to read in detail about my travel money saving tip, read here and here. But my number #1 tip is to know where to search! When searching for a flight, you should always be in an incognito browser. 

Did you know that every time you search for a city or a flight, it's saved in your cookies? This means the travel booking sites know what you've been searching for and are going to bump up the flight price. When you search in an incognito browser, this doesn't happen! Which means you're going to find the best deal possible. 

How do you plan your travels?
Planning my travels is a bit complicated as I have a chronic illness. Travelling with a chronic illness is no easy task either. For the Spark Notes version, I do some research and roughly sketch out what I would like to see. 

If you're interested in reading all about how I plan my travels living with a chronic illness, click here

Which is your favourite continent to visit?
I always enjoy visiting Asia as it is super affordable, but my favourite would have to be Australia. I loved it so much I moved there!  

Tell us about the moment you realised travel was for you. 
Probably from the first time I got on an airplane (even though I don't remember it). As long as I can remember I always loved going on road trips and exploring the world. It might be minimal exploration at this point, but I'm working on seeing more of it! 

The Travel Bloggers Club Community
The Travel Bloggers Club is an excellent community where travel bloggers come together and support one another. I've learned a great deal from the members in this group, and I'm super excited to see the content they will be sharing over the month. Curious to find out what the other awesome bloggers will be sharing? Below are links to their page. Hopefully, you'll find some new bloggers to follow! 

Be sure the check back every day for new content! And don't forget to comment your travel questions below so they can be addressed during the challenge!

And until next time...
Stay curious!


  1. Sometimes, we tend to focus more on other things and our blogs get a little less love! I love that you've prioritized to take on this challenge! Well done!

  2. Yes challenge are always good to achieve success in life. Especially with this challenge my routine of blogging came to proper planning

  3. Good tip on the incognito window. I never knew about that! Excited to go through this challenges with you guys!

  4. I can relate to having a chronic illness. It makes travel, and making plans a little harder. I would love to visit Austrailia one day. It's a dream of mine. I recently wrote an article about Brisbane Australia ( and it's the first place I want to go. I haven't really considered visiting Asia but if given the chance, I'd jump on it.

  5. Challenges are a great motivator..focus is the key to acheiving targets .
    Thank you

  6. Awesome post enjoyed reading your travel answers, and I am too looking forward to seeing all your posts this month. Best of luck with the challenge.

  7. How to pack in less than 30 minutes is a post that is something that I am interested in for sure. Having a community is something that can be of great support and traveling is one of my favorite things.

  8. Great advice there on clearing your browser cookies when you're getting ready to buy travel. Looking forward to reading more during the challenge.

  9. I love the idea of a challenge, and keeping with a deadline. I am like you, in some respects. As a fellow traveler. I especially LOVE the tip about using a different browser to find flight. Best advice I have heard all day.

  10. I love that you challenged yourself with the idea to do better! I find that when I challenge myself I always push myself more than I initially would have.

  11. Challenges are always so motivating! Hope you'll find some more time to complete your unfinished drafts ... I wish I had so many pieces written in advance! Can't wait to hear about Melbourne soon! :)

  12. I realized travel was for me the very first time I tried it many years ago. I still love it decades later. My daughter wants to go to Australia. We have not been there yet.

  13. I so feel you! As a fellow travel (and food) blogger, it can be difficult to even start most especially after your travels. I also find it more productive if I challenge myself more. Recently, I made a calendar that I have to complete no matter what. Seems to be working so far. Hope you'll finish your 55 half-written posts! :)

  14. Great start Stephanie! Looking forward to reading your posts as the challenge progresses :)

  15. I would need all your tips on how to pack in 30 minutes! It's great to focus on a challenge! so motivating and inspiring!

  16. A little self motivation always works for me. Keep pushing.

  17. Great advice about clearing browser cookies when you're getting ready to buy travel. Challenges are a great motivator.

  18. Healthy challenges are important. If you want to move forward in your life, you have to challenge yourself. Wishing you good luck and looking forward to reading your travel blogs

  19. Great challenge you got there; at times, we just need to push ourselves even harder in order to achieve more. You seem to love travelling so much and I hope that I'll also get to explore more of Asia and Australia too.

  20. I love that you are inspired by challenges! I have the same problem you do, with too many half-written posts in my drafts folder. Hoping the challenge will inspire me as well!

  21. These are awesome tips! I need to start using the incognito window when searching for great deals!

  22. What a greta challenge! We are a bit travel obsessed (hence our lifestyle lol) I look forward to reading more challenge posts!

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  23. Challenges are my greatest motivation. when I findmyself stuck onsomething,i challenge myself to completeot andt is always done. I like to focus on the achieving my goals.

  24. This is so nice to hook up with other travel bloggers this way. Maybe we mommy bloggers can also do this. :D Thanks for the idea.