A Fun Time In Fraser: Finding Things to Do on Fraser Island

Thursday, 13 December 2018
Whether you’re in the heart of the outback or enjoying the coast, you can always find something new and exciting to do when you’re in Australia. Thanks to the size of this magnificent country, there will never be a shortage of things on your list, and this makes it a pleasure to explore. Of course, though, a single post can’t cover all of this. Instead, to give you the chance to make the most of your stay on Fraser Island, this post will be exploring this slip of land, giving you an idea of what to expect when you arrive.

The Beaches
If you’ve been in Australia for some time, you’ve probably come to know what to expect when you’re presented with a beach. Of course, though, nothing is quite what you imagine, with Fraser Island being practically made up of one massive beach. Being the largest sand island Australia has to offer, the entire surface of this area is covered with the stuff. While the beaches are still separated by name, most of them are connected as if they are exactly the same body.

The Lakes
Along with having plenty of great beaches on offer, Fraser Island also has plenty of lakes for you to get stuck into. For those who enjoy a spot of fishing, Lake McKenzie can be a great place to start, offering clear waters and beautiful beaches for the family to enjoy. If you prefer to have a swim, though, Fraser’s deepest lake, Lake Wabby, could be a much better option for you. Of course, it’s always worth making sure that you’re choosing somewhere safe to swim when you’re doing this.

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The History
While it is quite a small place, Fraser Island is home to a lot of history. It is thought that the place has been occupied by humans for over 5000 years, with tribes of aboriginal people still calling home today. It doesn’t stop with the old, though, as there are also traces of more modern events on the island, like the rusting wreck of the SS Maheno, a ship which has seen a lot of different uses in its life.

The Wildlife
Like any area in Australia, one of the key reasons to make a trip to Fraser Island is the wildlife calling it home. Most notably is the large Dingo population on the Island. While some reports suggest otherwise, these could be some of the last pure dingoes in the entire world, and this is a great reason to come and see them for yourself. Along with this, you’ll also find plenty of snakes and other reptiles, along with over 350 species of bird. This provides a true medley for anyone in love with nature.

With all of this in mind, you should be excited to start making your bookings. If this isn’t enough for you, though, you could take a look at some other posts about Fraser Island to give you even more inspiration. There are few places in the world which offer such a rich mix of different activities.

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