6 Must See Places in Egypt

Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Egypt has something to offer everyone. Apart from fascinating, historic treasures that date back to some of the earliest civilizations, it is home to tombs, ancient Pharaohs, pyramids, and temples that will dazzle you. With vast desert tracts, the famous River Nile, and even some incredible scuba diving spots, you will have a lot to see and do during your tour. Egypt is perfect for a variety of activities related to adventure, relaxation and culture. Here are some of our top picks of must-visit locations on your next trip to Egypt.

6 Must See Locations in Egypt

1. The White Desert

In the middle of the arid sand, the natural wonder of the bizarrely shaped chalk mountains has formed like a snow-like wonderland. The landscapes look like they are something from a fiction movie, with pinnacles looking like they're made from icebergs. There are also monstrous while, blind boulders. If you are a fan of adventure and deserts, this is the playground for you. Fans of tombs and temples will not only enjoy the scenery but the daring adventure that awaits. 

2. The Pyramids of Giza

As one of the last surviving Wonders of the World and the most recognised landmarks, you would be remiss to skip this sight. Mighty Pharaohs were buried in them as their tombs, and the enigmatic Sphinx guarded them. Travellers and Archeologists marvel at the pyramids, with many trying to figure out how they were constructed. This will be one of your highlights during your trip.

3. Aswan

This is Egypt's most serene town located on the shores of River Nile. Aswan is the perfect place to relax for a couple of days as you enjoy the sight of orange-hued dunes and the calm atmosphere. You can cross to Elephantine Island by ferry and take a walk around the Nubian villages. Drink as many cups of tea as you can on the riverboat restaurant as you watch the feluccas, or visit the desert monastery on a camel's back. 

4. Sinai Coast 

The historic region is home to stunning coral reefs and sandy beaches. You can bask and soak in the sun whilst wearing your hot look sunglasses. You will get to view the remains of the Yolanda, several fish, and the coral walls. Also, there are some breathtaking gardens. Far Garden has a colourful extension in deep waters called the Cathedral. The Middle Garden inclines towards a vast bed of sandy tracks. The Near Garden has an astonishing chain of pinnacles. A definite must-see. 

5. The Red Sea

This is home to some major early Christianity sites. The land is dotted with ancient rock art and trade routes that were used in prehistoric times across the region. If you love the beach, the Red Sea has numerous beach resorts and coral reefs you'll enjoy. You definitely do not want to skip diving in Ras Mohammed, which is constantly rated among the top five diving areas globally.

6. Suez Canal

Africa is separated from Asia, while Egypt is separated from Sinai by the Suez Canal. Today, this area has a unique atmosphere and architecture. You can visit the canal from Port Said and Ismailia towns. 

If Egypt is one of your bucket list travel destinations, you will marvel at all the incredible sites there is to see. From the Pyramids of Giza to Aswan to the Suez Canal to the Red Sea, there is something for everyone when visiting Egypt.

Have you ever been to Egypt? What was your favourite place you visited? Share your travel tales in the comments below.

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