Why Isn't Your Workout Effective?

Saturday, 18 September 2021

Whatever your fitness goals are, whether you want to lower your heart rate or you’d much rather build up your strength, you can make some pretty easy mistakes. Lots of people can mean well, and workout out 3 to 4 times a week, but nothing is really happening as a result. Why is that? 

Well, your fitness routine is often only as effective as your commitment to it, and in understanding where you’re going wrong with your workout, you’ll be able to see the results you want much, much sooner. So, without further ado, here are the most common reasons behind workout inefficiency, and what you can do to prevent this from becoming a problem!

You’ve Been Working Out The Same Way For Too Long

Working out in the same way, for the same amount of time, for weeks and months on end is not going to do you any favors. You’ve got to push yourself a little, and prevent your muscles from reaching a ‘plateau’. They’ll simply adapt to what you’re doing, and you won’t notice any more gains until you step things up a little. That can be via timing, intensity, or doing something completely different

You’re Not Supplementing Your Routine

If you’re trying out a workout routine and you’re not doing anything else to focus on your health and fitness, you’re already setting off on the wrong foot. Exercise, at its core, is part of one big system, and being able to address all parts in your quest to build muscle or shed a few pounds is essential. 

But what are you missing out on? Well, you’re probably not supplementing your routine enough. It has no support, and thus you’re noticing minimal results. 

For example, it’s why a lot of strength builders down the gym will drink shakes made from a protein concentrate, and why it’s recommended to really pack out your plate during meal times when you’re working out. Sure, you’re trying to lose weight, but don’t let your body go hungry - that’s the opposite of what you need to do here. 

Your Form Isn’t the Greatest… 

Maybe you’re working out in the wrong way? Maybe your form is off, and you’re not getting the benefit of the sets you’re doing because you’re not targeting the right muscles? It can happen easily, and it happens a lot more often than you’d think. 

Without knowing how to properly move, you can injure yourself, cause yourself to feel stiff and sore the morning after, and simply not feel the benefit at all. 

But how can you improve on this? Watch a few videos, follow a few tutorials, even work with a personal trainer down the gym, if you can book a time slot! It’ll benefit you in the long run, and it’ll certainly beat back those workout woes you’re feeling. 

Your workout might not be effective right now, but not for much longer! What do you do to switch up your workout routine? Share it in the comments below!

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